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How To Encourage Your Employees To Care About Cyber Security


If you run an online business, keeping your data and information protected is important. With the rates of cybercrime showing no signs of slowing down, business owners need to take proactive measures to keep their data safe and secure. 

You may not realize it, but simply clicking on a malicious link by accident, or sending confidential documents to the wrong person could have disastrous consequences for your operation, so ensuring your team receive the right training can help add an extra line of defense for your business. With that in mind, here are a few things you can do to encourage your employees to care about cyber security.

Educate Your Team

The first step that you need to take to keep your business safe from cyber-attacks is to educate your employees on how to protect your organization. There are various cybersecurity tips that your team can use, such as:

  • Sign them up for CISO Training

  • Keeping track of their digital footprint
  • Using their own devices

To keep your employees in the know on cyber security, providing computer security training courses can teach them about the dangers of phishing emails, as well as the tools and resources needed to ensure your company stays safe and out of the grasp of hackers. They can learn about this and much more by studying for a Master of Computer Science degree which focuses on the latest techniques in cyber security. Investing in your employees’ education can go a long way and add an extra layer of protection to your business operation. If you want to learn more, visit https://online.wlu.ca/programs/master-computer-science.

Provide Ongoing Training

While educating your workforce and providing initial training is a good start, there is always something new to learn, so make sure that you provide ongoing training and support for your employees. Hackers are refining their techniques on a day to day basis, so you’re going to always need to be on your guard. There are various topics that you should cover in your training, such as:

  • How to securely send confidential messages and files
  • How to store data securely
  • The risks of traveling with company devices

Also, making sure that your team understands the importance of using strong passwords will help them stay one step ahead of the game when it comes to cyber-attacks.

Establish A Security Policy

When establishing a security policy, it’s vital that your team follow it word by word. You can set out guidelines for remote access, as well as usage restrictions if need be. Your employees need to understand the consequences should they violate security policies, not only for your business, but for themselves too. Having a specific plan laid out in the event of a security attack will mean that your team know what steps to follow should a breach occur, as well as who to report the incident to.

Tailor Your Training Exercises

Once you’ve devised a training exercise for your employees, it’s time to execute it correctly. To begin with, have a think about simulated attacks for different departments in your company that are based on their functions and job responsibilities. For instance, sending out a phishing email to your business is a good place to start. Once you’ve completed this exercise, you can identify any areas for concern, giving you the opportunity to make tailor-made changes to certain departments.

Reward Your Employees

When a member of your team thwarts a security attack successfully, or pinpoints a new vulnerability in your system, make sure to reward them for their hard work. Even sharing their success with your entire company will encourage others in the team to do the same. While it’s only natural that you will want to do all that you can to keep your business safe, rewarding your team for following your procedures correctly can boost self-esteem and make them feel more confident in their abilities. There are various ways that you can reward your team, including:

  • Providing a certificate of achievement 
  • Offering a cash incentive 
  • Setting up a points reward system

While employees can be one of the weakest links when it comes to your organization’s security, as long as they are trained properly, they will be aware of the risks and threats that come with running an online business. No matter the size of your company, keeping everyone up to date on the latest trends and developments will minimize the risk of your personal data being compromised.