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How To Extend The Life Of Your Mobile Phone


People are always complaining about their cell phones. If it is not the battery life that is a problem, it is the speed or the functionality. In short, people always seem to be lamenting the fact that their phone is as durable or lasting as the phone they used to have back in the day. And this is probably true – those old phones were quite phenomenal in terms of how robust they were and the length of time that their battery lasts for. But in turn, those phones lacked in functionality and processing power and were a whole lot closer to calculators or old-school cordless phones than the phenomenal smartphones that we all use today. But phones can still be set up to last, and if you want to get the best value from your phone, here are a few ways to help.    

Cover up

This is a trick that most people have caught onto, but it is still something that needs to be said. For whatever reason phones are not made with covers. It means that if they are dropped or sat on they can break quite easily. They are vulnerable. So, don’t delay, when you get a phone just get the case that goes with it and the two should never be apart. If you are one of the rare people who have opted not to get a case for your phone, then it is time to change your mind. Google something like ‘iPhone x case’ to find an online retailer and place your order. It really couldn’t be easier. Pick a design and colour case that you like, and it will arrive in days.

Be smart

This probably doesn’t need to be said, and yet surprisingly it still happens. Your phone might be mobile, which means that you can take it anywhere, but just because you can take it anywhere, doesn’t mean that you should. Lots of people love to bath with their phone or sit with it on the toilet and browse the net. But, in turn, there are a startling number of phones that end up in the bath or toilet, damaged irreparably. The simple reality is that if you don’t take them to these places they will never end up soaked and broken.  

Charge properly

People are very fond of plugging the phone into the charger and leaving it to charge for extended periods. A phone that is charged too long will suffer adverse effects as it is not good for the battery to be over-charged. This is a tricky line to walk as many people like to leave their phone charging overnight. But that inevitably leads to over-charging and the battery life your gadget is reduced. Rather run the battery flat (this is always recommended), and then charge it to capacity before going to sleep. It should be able to make it through the night if it is fully charged by the time you go to sleep. And if the battery really is on its last legs, then rather put the phone into flight mode while you are sleeping, and it should make it through without dying.