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How to Find Medical Marijuana Doctors in Your Area


Are you looking for medical marijuana doctors in your area? One of the most intimidating and confusing parts of becoming a medical marijuana patient is finding the right doctor. It is not the first trip to the dispensary. It is not even about taking your first dose. Without the right information, the process of getting medical marijuana the legal way, in many places, can be daunting.

Why Doctors Prescribe Medical Marijuana

Some people think that patients with medical marijuana cards are just looking for a way or legal loophole to get high. This assumption cannot be farther from the truth, at least for the most part. According to a New England Journal of Medicine poll, three out of four physicians would recommend medical marijuana to patients suffering from pain resulting from cancer.

Steps to Finding Medical Marijuana Doctors in Your Area

Are you looking for medical marijuana doctors in your area or dispensaries/clinics licensed to sell or provide the drug? If you are, get a one-stop online resource. The company should vet all the doctors who appear on their listings to ensure that they are in complete compliance with their state’s laws. When you work with such a company, you can rest assured that you are choosing from a list of licensed and trustworthy physicians.

Getting a doctor’s recommendation is the first step to obtaining a medical marijuana card. Whether you are considering this option for the first time or you have some experience managing your symptoms using marijuana, a doctor’s approval is quite important. To get you started on the path to finding a medical marijuana doctor, you need to do the following:

  • Check the List of Qualifying Medical Conditions in Your Area

Qualifying medical conditions are not the same in every state. Some have a more restricted list of conditions than others. Insomnia, for example, can be a qualifying condition in one state and not in another. Furthermore, some states allow doctors to make recommendations at their discretion.

  • Get Your Medical Records

If you are looking for a medical marijuana doctor in your area, he or she will need access to your medical records. Do you have a primary care doctor who knows about your current treatments and medical history? If you do, that is a good place to start sourcing your medical records. He or she will also guide you and provide accurate information on the specifics of medical marijuana therapy.

  • Find the Right MMJ Doctor

You may not have a primary care doctor able or willing to issue you with medical marijuana recommendations. This should not worry you as most people are in your exact situation. To overcome this hurdle, consider visiting or working with specialists experienced in the field of medical marijuana.

The journey to finding a medical marijuana doctor can seem quite daunting. It is even worse for patients who do not have primary care doctors who are willing to talk to them about the potential benefits of medical marijuana therapy. Fortunately, there are great resources that can help such patients get accurate information about the process of finding an MMJ doctor in their area.