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How To Find The Right JavaScript Developer


Almost every business these days has a website or even an app. There are thousands of web development projects and thousands of web developers out there. There are websites, web apps, serverless applications and all of them somehow use JavaScript. Almost anything that relates to the web is somehow using this language.

JavaScrip has been popular for decades. Even though Python has recently made it to the 1st place, JS is still on top of the list. Any web development project, any web developer is using this language. Web developers use different technologies and languages depending on the project. A JavaScript developer can have a different set of skills. It’s impossible to master all of JS frameworks and every programming language so it’s not an easy task to find the right web developer.

Different Set Of Skills – Different Salary Rates

As mentioned above, each web developer has a different set of skills. Some devs learn WordPress and PHP, some use frameworks like React or Angular and so on. There’s no point in listing all the possible combinations. It’s important to mention that web developers can be divided into 3 main types, depending on what kind of work they do:

  1. Front-end developers are responsible only for the visible part of a website;
  2. Back-end developers are responsible for the server part of a website;
  3. Full stack developers can do both front-end and back-end.

Taking into account the job responsibilities, the salary rates grow accordingly. It means full stack devs have the biggest salary rates, at least usually. If you have a small project, it would make more sense to hire 1 full stack developer instead of hiring both front-end and back-end. Complicated and comprehensive projects require whole teams of devs and designers.

According to PayScale, an average annual salary of a web developer in the USA is $60K, give or take. Every web development technology or language has a different learning curve, popularity, and demand on the market. Thus, the salary rate can vary a lot depending on the skill set. It can range from $50K to $100K! Experience is also very important, of course. Among the best-paid skills for a web developer are HTML, CSS, JS, C#, ASP.NET.

How To Find And Hire A Web Developer

Even when you know exactly who you are looking for and you have a ready list of requirements for the potential candidates, it takes time and resources to find and hire someone. It also matters what hiring model you use. These days outsourcing and remote workforce are very popular and efficient solutions. There are many freelance platforms with thousands of projects and freelancers. It’s a good fit if you have a small task or a simple project but it usually doesn’t work well for something more complicated. You can choose from multiple candidates, check their portfolio and hire someone. Before actually posting your project on such platforms, keep in mind that managing a freelancer can be tricky.

In case you don’t want to build an in-house team or you need to augment your staff with additional remote employees, you should consider outstaffing as your solution. This way you won’t have to provide additional office space as well as hardware and software. You don’t even need to have an HR department or do the actual hiring. Your subcontractor probably already has a whole list of developers ready to work for you. You also get a contract-based agreement. It’s cheaper and it’s efficient. With this solution, you get full control over the process and you can easily manage your remote workforce.