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How to Identify a Good Content Writer


With the development of the digital industry, the number of people wishing to find good earnings in the network is increasing exponentially. One of the most popular spheres is copywriting. People are attracted by the imaginary simplicity of the profession: you can stay anywhere, be connected to the Internet, knock on the keyboard and get good money for it. People of different professions and education, even students and school children begin to stamp articles. Here the question arises: will the content created by them be really high-quality?

Many customers are faced with the problem of assessing the professionalism of the content writer so let’s try to figure out how to identify a good author amid thousands of others.

CV on Thematic Websites

Now there are a lot of platforms for content writers for hire online. The information indicated by the latter can tell a lot about their professional skills. If a person says that he writes perfectly on any topic, with a high degree of probability, there is a novice who recently discovered this area before you. An experienced copywriter knows with what he is doing better or worse, and necessarily indicate this in the summary; also, important facts are previous jobs, professional achievements, education. A good writer will focus on those qualities that are directly related to the profession.

The Declared Value of the Text

The price depends on such factors as topics, the number of words and terms. Here the client needs to analyze the bar set by the author. The understated value indicates that the person is a beginner; this is not bad, because he can be a very competent copywriter and the assumption can only be checked by a test task.

If the author is really good, do not be greedy, evaluate the services provided adequately. Too high cost should also alert you, and there are two possible options. The first one is that there is a true professional before you, cooperation with whom will be fruitful and profitable even when taking into account the high cost. The second is less iridescent. A person just wants to receive money without going into the essence.

Willingness to Perform a Test Task

An adequate author will never refuse to write a small test article. He understands that it is important for the customer to see the text precisely on his subject matter, then reading a dozen others from the portfolio on a completely different topic. The copywriter, who claims that he does not perform the test, causes justifiable suspicions.


You can easily connect with a good specialist in the way that is convenient for you: this can be Skype, Whatsapp, social network, in addition to mobile and e-mail. You should be sure that your copywriter will read your message and answer you as quickly as possible.

It’s always easier when the copywriter is mostly online; this does not mean that you need to wait for him in the middle of the night with a question about the status of your task. But the opportunity to see it online a large part of the day has a beneficial effect on any customer.


The copywriter-expert will not work on the order without asking clarifying questions. For complex orders, there are special questionnaires – briefs that are sent to the client before the copywriter takes the order.


Despite the promise to do the work for a week, a good copywriter does everything earlier because he does not procrastinate and does not wait until the deadline.


A good copywriter will not unquestioningly make all the edits you want. A specialist knows the value of his articles and will defend their quality and effectiveness, not because of his capricious nature, but because he cares about the result of the work of these texts on you and your site.


After the work is done, the specialist does not disappear in an unknown direction – he checks how the text is posted on the site, whether it is efficiently issued and if it is necessary to offer edits. He is interested in the development of your project and the results that his texts brought.