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How To Maintain Motivation Amongst Staff


The key to any successful business does not lie in a sleek marketing campaign, increased profits or a good which knocks consumers off their feet. All these things are important and contributing factors, but they mean nothing without the workers behind the scenes. Your employees are the cogs of the machine; they are the bread and butter of your business. Neglecting this is to neglect your company and allow its standards to falter or decline. Loyalty is key in smart business, as explained on digitaledge.org. Otherwise, you risk losing the best employees.

This is why it’s so important to keep your staff motivated, passionate and driven within the workplace. When the people behind the desks are happier, productivity increases and your business improves as a result. People are not robots or machines, and though you’d love for them to work as such, you need to remember, as the employer, that these are human beings and they’re just as flawed as you. You need to allow them real breaks and chances to recharge their energy, as well as stimulating tasks within the work day. Here are some ways you can achieve these things.

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Value your staff

You might be ready to tick this one of the checklist because you already value your employees. However, valuing their work or what they do to help the company and actually showing them that you value their work are two very different things. In the case of the former, workers have no idea whether what they do is important or not and standards may begin to slack if they feel that their work is going unnoticed, rendering it unimportant.

That’s why communication is so vital between an employer and the employee, because it gives you the chance to let your members of staff know how much they are valued within the company as people and hard-working individuals, as explained over at huffingtonpost.com. Simply showing your appreciation with a few words of encouragement now and then is all people need to know that they’re doing work which is integral to the company.

Improve the workplace

You’d be surprised how much surroundings can affect one’s productivity. A drab, uninspired and grey office environment is very stereotypical of the bog-standard workplace, and it’s also soul-drenching. People need vibrancy and life if they’re going to imbue their work with vibrancy and life. If you place workers in a dull environment, they’ll produce dull work, and therein lies part of the answer for the mediocre, lacklustre performance you might have been seeing lately.

It might be time, then, to spruce up the workplace. You could check out new office furniture at arnoldsofficefurniture.com, if you need inspiration. A new lick of paint or modern chairs might not seem like much, but a soothing and inviting aesthetic, along with somewhere comfortable to sit, can make all the difference to a person’s mindset and really increase their productivity levels, helping to lift the entire business as well as personal attitudes.

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Setting goals

Over at inc.com, there’s a great suggestion that employees thrive on being set goals. Workers don’t want to be lazy or under perform; they want to prove themselves and strive to accomplish big things for a company, so as to find their purpose. Setting weekly goals for employees or even some light, healthy competition is enough to kick people into action and get them passionate about their work.