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How To Make You Website Stand Out From The Competition


Have you been looking at your website and wondering when you last did anything to make it look more eye catching? Have you actually done anything to update your site in the last year, or has it just been the same banner and picture of your smiling face at the top of the menu page? It may be that your site could do with some sprucing up, whether it be from a design perspective or the way you communicate certain aspects of your business. Here are a few approaches to giving your website that overhaul and attract more traffic to pass through.

Website Stand Out From

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While it may go without saying, your content needs to be of the highest standard. Even if your website consists of only a few small layouts or articles, the content has to be compelling and will make the reader want to delve further into your site/product. So, think about what you want to say and how it can stand out.

Always Be Testing

Test your website out on a regular basis. Put new ideas out there and see if they work or not. If not, at least you’ve tried an avenue that doesn’t suit the business. The best leaders are bold, so don’t be afraid to fail, because you never know when you will make an innovative decision that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Is It Accessible?

Is the layout simple and user friendly? If not, you may want to look at giving the site a cleanup. As people now look at sites from their tablet, laptop or smartphone, you would need to make sure that the site has a mobile version that can be easily read on any device.

Colors That Work Together Well

Using the right colors can sometimes be half the battle. Going onto a site where there are just a few basic primary colors doesn’t make the site stand out, and doesn’t do the brand any favors. Be inventive with your coloring. Think “if I was a customer on this site, would it stand out for me?” Also, don’t use one color preference over others. If there is an advert on the site that is mainly the color red is an assault on the eyes. So pick carefully. Use colors that work well together, and attracts the attention of the user.

Colors That Work Together Well


If someone has visited your website for the first time, they need to know what your website is about. When describing your site, make it as concise as possible. A matter of a few sentences would be fine, there is no need to go into huge detail, as being too wordy can be too much for the reader. In that text you can make changes such as making key words stand out by making them bold, or you can change color or italicize the words. These are things that will make them more likely to be read. In addition to that, making the the title stand out by increasing the size gives it a better layout.

A Background Pattern That Sticks Out

A background pattern is a double edged sword. You don’t want it to stand out too much as to overshadow the content you want your customers to read, but you also need it to complement and accent the content. You need to be guiding your customers in the right direction. There are websites that offer ideas on patterns and styles if you are stuck for ideas on how to best present your backgrounds.

Think About Your Customers

Your customers are what’s keeping your business alive and kicking. Being customer focused is crucial to your business, and your website should reflect that. Having an in-depth understanding of your customers should reflect in the website. As you get to understand your target market, your website would need to change to reflect this. A way to do this is to make sure that the website is easily adaptable and flexible to change once data begins to flow in about your customers.

Think About Your Customers

Know Your Competitors

Looking around, are there other companies that are offering something that you can’t? If you don’t check out what is around you, you cannot make yourself stand out. When you discover what is making your site lose traffic, which can turn into custom, only then can you make the necessary adjustments to move forward.

Invest. Invest. Invest.

Your website is an important tool, right? Then take the time and resources to invest in your site. By investing in your site, you are investing in your business, which will benefit you in the long run. If you can’t invest in your business, you can’t invest in the brand.

Link It To Social Media

Social media is everywhere, and so it should be a vital part of your marketing technique. Start up a blog, so you can keep your customers updated is more personal and gives an insight into the company on a human level. If your customers can identify with you and your intentions, they are likely to stick with you. The amount of times that people can share a page, the more traffic can be generated.

Link It To Social Media

Your Brand

Your website communicates so much about your business. It is therefore essential to make sure your brand is communicated in as much simple terms as possible. If you have the finances to do so, you can invest in a custom software development company to work with you and develop your brand in keeping with the image you would like to present to your clients and customers.

Change and Evolve

While your website has been given an overhaul, it is only a matter of time before it will need changing again. Getting into the mindset of evolving your brand continuously keeps you ahead of the curve and, from a customer’s perspective, makes you appear dynamic.

The website is your mouthpiece for the business. Making sure that these elements are covered will give you an unfair advantage over the rest.