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How To Monetize Your Blog


There is no more popular activity than blogging. And one more resulting from it myth that making money from is as easy as ABC. It is true when you have 10 000 followers, but there are so many newbies, who can create interesting content and rise interesting and debated topics, but there audience is a thousand of visitors at its best. Earning megabucks becomes a challenge here, but it is not a dead-end situation.

Read our article to learn about monetising from blogs with small audience.

Write texts

If you have already spent some time in blogging and you have your audience, it means that you should be capable of stating your thoughts on paper quite well. While making your own blog you were more or less free to choose the topic for writing, but now you can become a paid author and earn really good salary.

Here you can write articles on particular topics, letters and some other staff. It would be also great if you have some understanding of SEO, WordPress and some other popular CMS in your country.

Create and sell online course

People like the information being gathered and classified – being ready to digest, if we may say so. That’s why such materials are treated as some kind of value and at this moment people feel ready to pay.

Note: it’s ok if your first online course was not brilliant, you may analyze your faults and create next edition further with editions and addings.

Try your hands as a short stories writer

No, we are not talking about stories for 2-5 pages, it may be a novel with higher amount of pages. Kindle is a quite popular place where you can sell. Being not really famous doesn’t let you to put high prices, while $1,19 for a download make someone giggling, but if you have 100 downloads that looks promising.

Work with your email database

Many sellers work with each of their client and skipping even a hundred would be considered as a sin. There is nothing bad to sell something to your audience: if the product is valuable, interesting and reliable – tell your audience about it.

If the product you sell is really so worth-buying you will kill two birds with one stone: you will have a welcome public that will tell to their friends about the product and about you – you will have more clients for free.

Make money of video conferences or summits

It’s cool to be included to a meeting with Trump, but how many of us really have such an option? Think about the most negotiable problem in the society and invite experts to the meeting. Announce the event beforehand and start collecting money. We recommend to state moderate prices for people to feel the value, but not to be overloaded. If it is really hot issue you may have bigger audience from friends, colleagues and relatives of your audience.

Try different tools to monetize your blog, getting more traffic for your website and reach your audience social media, advertising network, contextual advertising etc

Ask for help donations

Newbies in blogging often confess they have ideas, but don’t have enough funds to implement them. Asking to donate doesn’t oblige all your visitors, but $1 from third part of 1 000 audience will help a lot.

Bottom line

These ideas mentioned cannot bring you a fortune, at least on initial steps, but will not let die from hunger. It may result in a big business later, but the only thing here is not to wait immediate results and work hard.