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How To Pick The Perfect Name For Your Mobile App


The developers of mobile apps face many challenges nowadays. Picking the right technology, building a user-friendly interface and similar major decisions are essential for the success of your product. They require a lot of time, money and effort.

And yet, there is one task that seems simple, but can change the future of your business. Picking the right name for your mobile app is of monumental importance.

While there are no written rules on how to approach this challenge, there are some certain tips and tricks that can help you recognize the best possible name.

Keep It Short And Easy To Pronounce

One of the most important factors is the length of your name. Ideally, it should consist of up to two or three syllables that are easy to pronounce. You don’t want your users to struggle to say the name of your product.

Good examples of short and sweet names are Spotify, Shazam, Asana, Netflix, and similar. You certainly can recall tons of them yourself, so no need to dig deeper. The short name will help your app go viral, as simple as that.

You Don’t Have To Use Real Words

The examples above prove another thing – you don’t have to use a real word for the name of your app. In fact, it could prove impossible to find a short one that is available, so it’s time to get creative and think of something innovative.

The good news is that you can find online tools that could help you, like NameMesh and Namelix for example. You can combine different words and try different options until you find one that sounds right.

One good strategy is to use a familiar word and change or add one letter. For example, you could include “jobs” to your name, but write it with a “z” at the end.

A Hint At What Your App Does Is A Nice Bonus

This one depends on the niche you’re targeting, but ideally, the name of your mobile app should include some hint at what it does. You can take a look at most gambling apps on the go. They usually have “bet” or “play” in their names which is a good indication of what the users should expect.

That helps for search engines and conversions. If the customer knows right away that your app does what he is looking for, your chances to earn a download are much higher.

Brainstorm And Create A Shortlist Of Different Names

Recognizing the right name for your mobile app won’t happen instantly. It’s usually a creative process that requires input from multiple people. Try to gather your team and brainstorm for possible names. Create a shortlist with the best suggestions and use it as a starting point.

You could test your target audience and see how people react to the different options. If you can’t afford that, you could always look for the opinion of friends and relatives.

The point is, don’t simply fall in love with a name and go for it. It might be as good as you think, but it might be just you. Listen to other people and look for different angles.

Don’t Copy The Names Of Successful Apps

One of the things people do is pretty much copy the concept behind certain successful apps. That’s a bad approach, as the users are not stupid. They will instantly recognize that you “borrowed” someone else’s idea and you will be off to a bad start.

Final Words: Don’t Follow Any Rules Too Strictly!

The tips and tricks here can certainly help you pick the best name for your mobile app, but you shouldn’t forget that this is a creative process. Don’t follow anyone’s advice too strictly and unleash your imagination. You will be surprised by the ideas that might come up to you.

And naturally, the name on its own won’t make you successful. Don’t forget to provide a meaningful product or service that people like and find useful.