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How To Raise Your Instagram Account To The Next Level


This article is made for people who already have an Instagram account with less than 1000 followers and more than 100 followers. In this article, we will help you to pass the milestone of 1000 followers and after that, we will explain how to surpass the 5000 followers count. We will do this in two steps, the first step will help you get a 1000 followers and the next step will help you get more than 5000 followers.

The first step

As soon as you have that initial traction of a few hundred followers, the following strategy will really give an extra boost to get followers on your Instagram account.

The first thing that you need to do is identify a few of the bigger accounts that are similar to yours or have the same target audience like you and have more than 50K followers. The second thing you need to do is to check if their followers are real, you can use a tool for this if you like. If the majority of their followers are real you need to start following a bunch of their followers.

Getting more followers

After you have done this you need to unfollow everyone that does not follow you back, to do this you can make use of an app. Before you do all of this, it is important that you already have a few hundred followers. When you have a few hundred followers the chances someone will follow you back will increase. If you have trouble getting the first few 100 followers, you can buy female followers on Instagram. This will make it easier to have a good follower base.

Normally at least 20% of the people that you start following will follow you back. The more followers you have, the healthier your follower to following ratio is. This on itself will make your feed more attractive and increase the follow-back percentage.


To help you we will let you in on a little secret. People are more likely to follower Instagram accounts that have more followers than the account is following. This is on some level even more important than to have a lot of followers.

Adding to this follow/unfollow strategy, it would be wise to start interacting with these bigger accounts. Of course, as long as they’re not direct competitors.

What you want to do is to turn on post notifications for these accounts. Be the first to like and leave a comment, every time they post something. Make sure your comments are original because there are already too many comments like ‘Awesome post’, ‘You’re so right’, ‘That’s dope’. You need to write comments that are related to the post and seem ‘humanlike’, this will help your comment stand out in front of the rest of the comments. And so will increase the chances someone will look on your profile.

As soon as you start to reach the 1000 followers mark, it might be a good idea to start thinking about scheduling your Instagram posts. This will give you more time to create content, engage with your audience, and continue to get more followers on Instagram. You could use an app for this, or even use your computer. It all comes down on what you prefer.

The second step

This step will help you to surpass the milestone of 5000 followers. Before you start with this you need to make sure you did everything we told you about in the first step because it will help you gain a good foundation for growth, which is needed to get more than 5000 followers.

If you did everything form the first step you have a good foundation for growth and is it time to accelerate even faster. The methods we gave you are great for the first few thousand followers and even if you have passed the 20k followers mark. But adding other methods from this point forward might give you the same and maybe better results with less effort. So it is up to you if you keep the methods and add different methods or that you replace the old methods with new ones.

You should consider investing in ads. If you are building a brand, Instagram ads could become quite handy at this point. And as we already told you should start scheduling your Instagram posts. Because once you have reached this stage, every minute you invest in your Instagram account counts.

To be able to run ads on Instagram, you need to switch to a business account. If you don’t have a business account yet or if you don’t know how to turn your account into a business account, we will explain how to in the following steps.


Step one: Go to your profile and click the settings button next to ‘Edit Profile’. The second step is scrolling down until you see ‘Switch to Business Profile’, if you have already done this you will find ‘Switch back to Personal Account’. The third and last step is to click it and follow the instructions to set up a business account.

When you have done this it is time to invest in ads. You can either promote your existing posts or link your Instagram account to your Facebook account and create an ad from the ‘Facebook Ads Manager’ panel. We suggest you try different targeting options and see which one increases engagement or gets followers on Instagram the quickest.

It might be wise to make short video ads and choosing ‘Instagram Stories’ as the ad placement because this is still a relatively underused ad placement. And so will probably give you a better bang-for-the-buck ratio than the regular feed posts would.


With the combination of engagement groups, scheduling your Instagram posts and investing in ads you will surely reach the 5000 followers mark in no time. Adding on top of this there is also a good use of the ‘Following’ tab. This is where people go spy on their friends and what their friends are up to. In this tab, you can see what pictures they like, which accounts they have started following and what comments they have left. If Instagram influencer accounts keep liking and commenting on your posts, there is a good chance that their followers will see it. This can help you identify which posts are popular with influencer and so which posts you should post to get more followers.