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Is It Worth Buying The Xbox One X?


Console platforms are constantly being upgraded, with the eighth generation products representing the latest iteration of video game technology.

Despite this, brands such as Xbox and PlayStation are known for releasing incremental upgrades to their technology, with the former having launched the One X and the One S in recent times.

The One X was released as a follow-up to the One S, although some critics have complained that the two consoles are two similar in their design. We’ll explore this further in the post below, and ask whether or not it’s worth investing in the upgraded One X.

What’s the Difference between the One X and the One S?

In order to determine whether not it’s worth buying the One X, we need to ascertain the differences that separate it from the One S. After all, many of these alterations are relatively subtle, making it difficult for customers to see the value in the new console.

The One S was marketed as boasting 4K video streaming capabilities, for example, but in fact this console was simply able to upscale 1080p games. In this respect, the console did not deliver a true 4K console experience, but the same cannot be said for its successor.

So how does the Xbox One X achieve 4K visuals? In simple terms, the hardware has been upgraded to include a 12GB GDDR5 of graphic memory, helping it to deliver smoother and visually impressive gameplay. This is augmented by the inclusion of an 8-core Customer AMD CPU, which is clocked at 2.3GHz to deliver enhanced AI and improve the real-world details associated with games. It also provides more seamless interactions across the board, which is a boon for seasoned gamers who play numerous titles regularly.

Is it Worth Buying the Xbox One X?

This range of improvements certainly distinguish the Xbox One X as being an upgrade on the One S, but is it really worth laying out money for a brand new console? Customers much give careful consideration to this question, particularly if they’re to make an informed decision that justifies the investment.

The answer depends largely on your unique gaming preferences, as those who favour gritty, first-person shooters such as Call of Duty and Half-Life would definitely benefit from the advanced graphics of the Xbox One X. Similarly, those who like to gamble online through platforms like GamblingKingz will enjoy the improved graphics and superior performance of the One X, as the console will create more immersive gameplay while also ensuring that web browsers can accessed quickly at all times.

This is an important point for fans of online casino gaming, as they often require quick and sustained access to their chosen platform if they’re to optimise their returns.

Ultimately, the decision to upgrade to the One X is a personal one, while it should be largely influenced by the type of games that you play and how often you access them. Either way, Microsoft was certainly justified in launching this upgraded console, as it represents a marked improvement on the Xbox One S and offers tangible value to gamers.