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Keep Damaged Shipments Out of Your Supply Chain With RFID Tracking 


Your supply chain is very likely one of the most important and vital parts of your business. It’s what you need to track to make sure you’ll have the parts you need and the products your customers want. Also, a breakdown in your supply chain is something that could completely spell disaster if you don’t catch it very quickly. Ideally, you want to catch issues before they get started, and before they have a chance to develop into problems. You can do that when you have the right kind of tracking for the items coming into your business. Here’s what you should know, to keep your supply chain stronger than ever.

You Need to Track the Quality of Your Shipments

A lot of companies have supply chain items that are fragile or can be damaged in some way. If your company is one of them, you need to know about the damage before the products in the supply chain end up in your production line. With RFID tracking, you can be alerted to problems with items and parts coming in, so you can keep them from getting into the mix and moving through the development or creation process. In short, you don’t want damaged or defective parts getting onto the assembly line. If you know they’re damaged as soon as they come off the truck, though, you can keep them aside and stop them from causing problems.

RFID tracking works by focusing on the sensitivity issues your specific parts have. It could be humidity or moisture issues, or it might be temperature. Perhaps getting bounced or banged around too hand will cause harm to the parts you’re having delivered. If any of those things are the case, and you have RFID tracking on the boxes of those parts, you can see when the boxes arrive whether they’ve been treated appropriately. That gives you a very good indication as to whether the items inside the boxes are able to be used for their intended purpose, and whether you can put them into the assembly process to make your products.

Tracking With RFID Means Peace of Mind

When your company uses RFID tracking, you can have more peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about shipments that come in damaged because you’ll catch the problem right away. Not only does that reduce the chances of your company creating faulty products with damaged or unusable parts, but it also makes it easier for you to send things back to your suppliers, so they can make things right. You need to know how careful your transportation company is with the items it’s shipping for you, and this is one of the ways to do that.

You can also use the tags on things you’re shipping out, if the company they’re going to has the same kind of technology. The RFID tracking tags can be scanned on the other end of their journey, so you can see if they arrived safely. Companies and consumers both like a peace of mind, and RFID tracking helps to ensure that they’re getting it.

Your Company Deserves to Know About Damaged Items

Undoubtedly, your company works hard to provide a good product to its end users. Whether those products are going to other companies in a B2B arrangement, or they’re going to individual customers who buy them online or off of store shelves, they need to be good quality. But if you don’t know what you’re getting from your suppliers, it can be very hard to make sure you’re giving quality to your customers. The parts you’re using for your products may be damaged or faulty in some way, and you might not catch that issue before the parts are put into your products and sent on their way. RFID tracking helps to reduce that risk.

Customers Will Thank You for Caring About Quality

When you care about quality, your customers see that you care about them and what they want and need in their products. They’ll feel like they matter to you, and they’ll see that you care about doing your job right, and providing value and safety to anyone who buys from you. They don’t need to know about the RFID tracking that you use. What they need to know is that they can always rely on the products they buy from you and that those products are not damaged in any way when they purchase them.

Customers really look for peace of mind, and they want to be able to trust companies with the products they’re buying. Having the right tracking to find damaged parts in your supply chain, before they end up in the hands of customers, can make a big difference for your company’s reputation and bottom line.