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Key Benefits Of Social Media For Cannabis Business


Why do you need marijuana social media marketing?  Social media is one of the most significant channels to promote your cannabis business.  It makes spreading the message across millions of people – at the speed of light.  It also offers you a direct way of engaging and connecting to your customers and managing your brand.

In today’s article, let’s talk more about the importance of using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube to market your cannabis business.

Learning about customers and understanding their behavior

Social media offers a great venue to directly access customers by connecting with them. In the process, you learn about them and understand their behavior.  Some platforms even let you import contacts and connect with them, allowing you to tell them about current deals and promotions.

Regarding understanding customers’ behavior, social media allows people to comment or discuss about your product in real time, offering you insights about what to improve based on customer reaction or opinion about a certain deal or service. In the process, you also understand their behavior.

For example, if you’re a cultivator, you can post images of locations, where your products are available, and promotions – all testing customers.   You gauge their behavior based on the way they react to those things. In the process, you can also count re-tweets, shares or likes, or even read comments. Using all these, you can improve things that have to be improved in your business to meet your customers’ needs.


Being social and making customers’ feel your presence is another aspect of marijuana social media marketing,, so it is not all about promoting deals.

[Customers have to feel that they’re interacting with a real person behind the business.]

You must respond to their feedback, including their reviews and comments – whether negative or positive.

Especially if people are asking you a question or if they’re saying they they’re enjoying your page, you should be personal and valuable.

Engage. Respond. Show them you genuinely care

Knowing feedback or monitoring their opinions about your cannabis business is important. Again, these details can give you an idea on what has to be improved to meet their needs.

The goal of monitoring feedback, comments or reviews is to let them know you’re listening and that you’re taking them seriously.

In that case, you can also show them that you’re making an effort to correct that negative thing they dislike or complain about your business.

Humanizing the brand

Customers want to know that they’re being attended to by real people.  One of the ways to do that for engagement with them is humanizing your brand.  A few ways include connecting with followers, holding contests, making a survey or offering cannabis deals.

Through these humanization techniques, you’ll also have an insight about which among those get the highest engagement, such as discussions, videos, surveys and contests.  Through that, you also have the opportunity to know the content type your customers are more likely to interact for that continued exposure and presence.

Boosting sales

Another key benefit of marketing on social media obviously has to do with increasing leads (via increased engagement, interaction, exposure, presence…) and eventually these leads can become real customers. When that happens, you can boost your sales, too.  And who doesn’t want that?

Final thoughts

If you have a cannabis business and trying to improve your marketing results, you should not overlook the contribution of social media in the equation and ways it can help your business. But at the end of the day, social media ultimately lets you connect with and understand your customers, know their feedback, humanize your brand and get their feedback, and eventually increase your sales.