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Key Enterprise Ecommerce Platform Elements For 2020


Advancements are moving faster and faster in the modern world. The onslaught of technology plus customers’ expectations are driving ecommerce businesses forward. Keeping up with changes and new developments is a necessity.

If you’re considering breaking into the ecommerce world, here are some key enterprise eCommerce platform elements to keep an eye on for 2020.

1. Customization

Customers are demanding personalized shopping experiences more and more. This means they want to shop on sites curated to their tastes. Any enterprise ecommerce platform starting up, or trying to expand in 2020, needs this edge to be competitive. Shoppers find customization helpful, plus it will make them feel more connected to a site. When someone can customize something, they feel as if it is theirs. This leads to more spending on their end, along with a better shopping experience.

2. Digital Wallets

This goes hand in hand with customization. It’s all about making a customer feel the site belongs to them. Digital wallets on ecommerce sites make the whole process much more seamless. This makes it easy for the customer to shop and bolsters their feeling of the site being specific to them. They don’t need to enter credit card information because the store remembers the way they prefer to pay. And, every time they return, the site is ready for them.

3. Analytics

Analytics are an important tool for quantifying reach and audience. In ecommerce, there are layers to analytics that make it vital to a fledgling business. Conversion rates, the number of customers who went from looking to buying, need to be watched. A business that hopes to sustain itself will always be trying to raise their conversion numbers. Without analytics, ecommerce sites only know how many people are finishing purchases. While that is an important number, there is a lot of information to be gleaned from the numbers leading to checkout as well.

4. Mobile Platforms

A high-functioning mobile platform should be a priority for every ecommerce business. The number of mobile shoppers has surpassed those using desktop devices and that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon. An ecommerce site that wants to thrive needs a mobile platform. More than that, they need one that is secure. Nothing rattles trust in a business like having an unsafe checkout, digital wallet, or mobile platform. Customers are counting on proprietors to keep their information secure. Investing in a solid mobile platform for safety and sales makes customers and businesses alike happy.

5. Social Media Integration

Social media has revolutionized a lot of things in a fairly short span of time. It’s changed the way people keep in touch and interact. It’s also altered the way businesses market themselves. Most of the sites where ecommerce stores are built encourage people using their service to spread the word on Facebook or Twitter. Why? Because they know the value of viral. People posting about products or services is the new word of mouth. Online reviews and praise via social media are now how businesses build their reputations. In fact, some organizations hire social media managers specifically to ensure this is done well.

Yes, 2020 looks to be a big year for ecommerce. There are the growing numbers in mobile shoppers and the power of social media being harnessed. Not to mention advancements in checkout processes and digital wallets.

The business can seem intimidating with all of the changes and movement going on. The truth is that there was never a better time to give running an ecommerce store a shot. The future is here. Further, if you incorporate these key ecommerce platform elements into your online store, it’s also looking bright.