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Never Stop Learning: How To Run A Business While Adding To Your Entrepreneurial Toolbox


Business owners need a variety of skills. The modern-day entrepreneur needs to be comfortable with a combination of important skill sets, which is why so many successful ones are always trying to improve their knowledge. For entrepreneurs who launch their first business and believe that they already know everything there is to know about management, failure is almost guaranteed. It’s vital that start-up operators and those with a fresh new business venture are working just as hard on their own expertise as they are on the running of their company. If you’re wondering how to juggle your business management alongside ongoing education, here are some useful tips that could take your company to an entirely new level.

Delegation = Freedom

You will be able to spend more time on learning the latest trends or reading up on the newest industry-related technologies if you’re not trying to do everything yourself. If you have a team of people backing up your business, use them. Micromanagement is time-consuming and a waste of resources. Weigh up the benefits of learning about new business management tools rather than making sure that your marketing manager knows the intricacies of your sales plan. Running a business is hard enough, and trying to do everything yourself will take up time unnecessarily, and will indicate to your team that you don’t trust them enough to get the job done.

Team Development

The perks and benefits of any job vacancy now have a lot of impact on the caliber of candidates that will be applying. Ensuring that you are offering the benefits that modern employees are looking for is a vital part of team-expansion. One of the most popular options is allowing time and resources for staff development. Every member of your team should have a growth development plan, with regular meetings to find out what they need next. Initiate a company-wide personal education day, so that both you and your workforce have the time and space to learn. This is also a good way to highlight how important you believe in the value of self-improvement and education, bringing a whole new element to your brand’s culture.

Take Your Time

There are many ways that you can learn about improving your business. You can go the informal route by signing up for industry-relevant newsletters and your favorite niche news sites. Alternatively, you can opt for a more formal education. The best thing about the impressive growth of online education is that you get to complete studies in your own time. That means that you can study for an online MBA in Business Management at your own pace, taking what you learn and immediately applying it to your business model. When it comes to education and learning, it’s not a race. Take your time and fit your ongoing education into your working timetable.

Know Your Schedule

One of the things that prevents entrepreneurs from working on personal growth is the concept of time. Entrepreneurs always feel that they have no spare time in the day. There’s always something more to do, so they let personal development fall by the wayside. However, for those that take the time to work on their schedule, it can be very eye-opening to realize just how much spare time you actually have. Creating a schedule highlights those times of day where you’re wasting time, and shows you exactly where you have spaces in your day where you can be catching up on your reading or watching business management news. The more that you know and organize your schedule, the easier it will be to manage your own improvement.

Find Support

Running a new business is hard, especially if you’re going the bootstrap route. Nobody ever said that running a business is easy, which is why you’re going to need a support network. On the personal side, make sure that your family and closest friends know what you’re trying to do and why. Professional networking is also easier than ever. Using social media alone, you can build up a network of industry leaders and fellow entrepreneurs who can help you prioritize the right areas of education, and support you when the pressure is on. Work on your online and offline networking skills, and your business will only grow stronger.

Improve In-House Knowledge Management

People don’t always know what they know. That’s why it’s always a good idea to take better control over the collection and use of knowledge across every level of your business. You could do this by offering some form of incentive to team members who bring a fresh idea to the table. This could be a new way to deal with customer complaints, or a way to streamline a blocked workflow process. If your team is given the incentive to improve their own knowledge, then you will benefit by being able to implement new ideas and knowledge management practices in any part of your business structure.

Make Knowledge Shareable

The smarter your workforce, the smarter your brand. It really is that simple, so collaboration is vital. Being able to share important industry or business management ideas and news means that fresh knowledge is better utilized across your team. If only a handful of employees have access to knowledge then that limits your brand. Efficient in-house communications are incredibly useful, and in the digital age, they are easier to source and manage than ever before. Even remote workers can feel more like part of a team with the right communication tools. Look at options like Discord or Slack, and make sure that everyone has access to these resources. The more that you allow your team to share their expertise, the easier it will be to build a brand that lasts.

Entrepreneurs that don’t make ongoing efforts to add to their skill sets are unnecessarily limiting their potential. For a company to stay relevant in the fast-paced world of the modern business landscape, staying up to date and developing a background of knowledge is vital. From formal education to the latest trending entrepreneurial podcast, make sure that you understand the value of adding to your skills and industry awareness. That way, your business will only grow stronger, more flexible, and more likely to last into the future.