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Own Your Own Casino


Gamblers have good days and bad days, but everyone knows that in the end “the house always wins”. Why not put the odds in your favor by owning the house? In the old days, this would have been a major undertaking requiring an astronomical investment, but now it is possible to create a lucrative casino or sports betting business entirely online for an easily affordable outlay.

You’re just a few mouse clicks away from owning your own casino!

If you’ve been dreaming of owning a business like this, there really is nothing to stop you. Everything you need, from establishment advice to your new casino’s software can be obtained at https://evenbetgaming.com

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Why keep dreaming about it when you actually can do it for real? No investment could be more certain of success provided it is managed correctly, and the business team at EvenBet Gaming can give you all the information and advice you need to avoid failing.

Powerful and feature rich casino software in a simple turnkey solution

Once you’re up and running, you’ll be able to offer your customers a range of services including:

  • Traditional and custom casino games
  • Online poker tournaments
  • Sports betting
  • Fantasy sports competitions

You can get the works, and you can do it easily

When you work with EvenBet Gaming, the whole process of getting started in the online gaming business is as simple as possible. You can be supplied with all the necessary hardware and software solutions to make this a reality for you. There is a range of options you can choose from to suit your business needs. Get started with the software you need, servers to run it on, and even the website where you’ll operate and promote your casino from. You can also run everything from your own hosting solution.

The choice of business models includes a full white label turnkey solution where you have a lifetime royalty-free right to own and use the software for your business, or a lower cost rental model, where you can pay a fixed monthly fee or a percentage of your casino earnings as a commission… the choice is entirely yours, and it doesn’t stop there. Experienced development teams can also purchase the source code of our system and use it in developing their own custom solutions.


Integrated gaming platform, money management solution, and payment processing system

Make it easy for your customers to open an account and start playing their favorite games at your casino, because they can register, pay, and play all from the same place.

Secure and reliable

What’s on offer is more than just a typical gaming platform. There are built-in fraud detection systems to provide security for your customers so they can play with confidence, and you can avoid being scammed by dishonest players. There is also financial reporting and many other features that make operating your casino a breeze.

You really have nothing to lose

If ever there was a time when this statement could be made with confidence, this is it. The house always wins in the end. No matter what you do, the players will always pour a steady stream of revenue into your coffers because this is essentially what gamblers live to do. So you have no need for worry or concern. Your investment will be safe as long as you operate an honest gaming environment and make appropriate efforts to gain market share.

Of course you’ll have questions, and EvenBet Gaming can help you with any information you need about how to start an online gaming business.