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Pod Mods: The Hottest New Trend In Vaping


As millions of smokers across the world stub out their cigarettes forever, the world of vaping is moving quickly. From slim and sophisticated pens to big and bulky box mods that pack a serious cloud, the vape juice industry isn’t one familiar with the concept of ‘limited stock’.

With both design and technology constantly being updated and upgraded, it can feel like there’s a new product being added to the shelves every week. And as a large amount of vapers and people shopping for vaping products are former smokers, vapes are often designed to mimic the cigarette smoking experience (both in terms of a nicotine hit and the physical inhale and exhale of vapour). So it’s no wonder that some former smokers can be put off by the bigger and complicated vaping kits. “I have to put together my own coils? I have to set it all up myself? I have to carry around my batteries with me? No thanks.” It can be disheartening for former smokers to realize how intricate the vaping experience can often be and so it’s no surprise when many of them turn back to the much simpler option of simply lighting up a cigarette. That is, until 2018’s hottest new vaping trend appeared – the pod mod.

Pod mods are super simple – and that’s why they’re so great. They can’t be customised past simply refilling the e-liquid pods and so they make a perfect starter kit for new vapers, an easy solution for those looking to keep things small and simple or for anyone who vapes on-the-go and needs a more compact solution!

What are Pod Mods?

The current vaping technology update on everyone’s lips right now is the tiny but mighty pod mods. The entire vaping community has become obsessed with pod vaping kits – especially those who are new to vaping or who are making the transition from smoking – as they are so lightweight and easy to use. But what exactly are these kits and what is it about them that is so irresistible?

Pod mods are all-in-one compact electronic vaping devices that are so easy to use and pack way more of a punch than your standard disposable e-cigarette. They work in much the same way as most other e-cigarettes and vapes, using a coil and wick combination and a battery that heats up the liquid to give you the vapour. All you have to do is take a draw from the mouthpiece, activate the heat and enjoy the delicious flavor. The design of the pod modis so simple and yet so powerful, it holds all the vaping community’s vaping expectations just in a much smaller package.

The most lightweight and portable option is a closed pod mod. The closed pod mod doesn’t ask for much – simply pop in a pod that is already pre-filled with liquid and just like that, you’re vaping! However, unlike other disposable or single-usee-cigarettes and vapes,pod mods have a much more powerful battery and offers a little more variety in e-liquids than the standard disposable e-cigs you might find in your local supermarket.

If you’re looking for a vaping experience that consists of pre-filled pods, already prepped coils, that is disposable but still gives you the hit you’re looking for – pod mods may be the vape for you.  All you have to do is slot the little pod into the device and you’re off! And, appealing to the former smokers, unlike other vaping devices that require you to press a button to get started, with pod mods you just inhale from the mouthpiece to replicate the smoking experience. The battery is physically small but runs from 100mAh to 900mAh to give you a lot of draw on your vape. It still has the same set up as other vapes – a tank, coil and a wick – but with way less fiddling and fussing involved.

The pros of Pod Mods:

  • They are incredibly small and therefore easy to transport around
  • They are cheaper than other, more advanced, vape kits
  • You don’t have to change (or therefore really understand) wattage or voltage
  • It’s an incredibly simple ‘plug in and go’ set up
  • There are no additional components like coils and tanks that you need to configure yourself

The cons of Pod Mods:

  • If you’re all about ‘the cloud’, these may not be the kits for you
  • There is less of a variety of e-liquids right now (but it is of course constantly growing)
  • Outside of changing your e-liquid, you can’t customize your vape experience
  • The battery life is less than other vape kits

In summary 

While mod pods where originally seen as a quirky alternative to traditional vaping, their popularity is on the rise more than ever this year. Open pod mods, unlike the closed ones, give the vaper the opportunity to pick and fill their own e-liquids and so adds to the customization aspect of vaping. Because they’re just so quick to set up and go, long term vapers are beginning to use pod mods in addition to their usual vape kits as a quick on-the-go vape experience that they can fit right in their pockets.

Having a great-looking, easy,portable and powerful way to vape is incredibly attractive to old school vapers and new vapers alike. Nowadays, we’re all looking for convenient additions to our busy lives but we don’t want to compromise on aesthetic or on the vaping experience and mod pods are here to satisfy all our needs.

Bear in mind that pod mods are not incredibly powerful and fancy vape kits. However, as this article outlined, they have high capacity batteries that will give you a highly enjoyable vaping experience with good cloud production and a variety of fun flavours that will keep you coming back for one more draw.

In an industry like the vape industry, that seems to have changed every time you glance back it, and with pod mods being a relatively new product to the market, expect many further advancements in Pod Mod technology.