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Prototyping a Software – Why It Is Essential and How to Do It? 


Imagine you have won a contract to develop a web app for a large corporation. The app will be used by thousands of employees and customers on a daily basis.

This is probably going to take you several months to complete. Your main goal will be to ensure that the project gets done within the shortest time possible. But how will you ensure that nothing goes wrong right from the word go?

The first thing will be to come up with a plan that will guide you throughout the entire process. This is where prototyping software comes in.

What is prototyping software?

A prototyping software is just like a blueprint or a visual image of the website app you are creating. It plays a big role when it comes to creating website apps. 

The prototyping process gives both developers, users, and designers an opportunity to review the design and user flow of the website and give appropriate feedback.

Why is software prototyping important?

There are many reasons why prototyping is important in the website development process. First and foremost, prototyping software serves as a roadmap for the web development process. It shows you where to start and where to end.

Secondly, a prototype is a manifestation of what’s possible with the available technology and the areas where weak spots can still be spotted.

Last but not least, a prototype is an efficient way of transferring the intended design from a system engineer to the developer.  

App prototyping process

There are several stages involved in the prototyping process. Below are the important steps you should follow:

1. Understanding the landscape

Start by carefully analyzing the market as well as your strategy. Try to find out the specific type of technology required and what’s readily available. Consider the future of your website app while looking at the landscape.

2. Identify key requirements

Seek to understand the problems from a user’s point of view and offer appropriate solutions. The way to achieve this is by speaking to your existing customers. Try asking them what features they would like to see in the new app and if it is necessary for them.

3. Research on your competitors

You should also check to see if there is an existing app or software that works in a similar way. Find out the kind of app your competitors are using and determine how yours is going to be different. This will help you to create something unique that doesn’t duplicate other existing apps.

4. Create an initial prototype

You can use any of the prototyping tools or just a pen and paper to create the basic version of the product. The features you include here will generally depend on the objective of your prototype.

5. Test and review your prototype

Carry out an evaluation of the prototype with your users and other stakeholders. Get their feedback and make adjustments where necessary. After that, you can review the improvements and rewind the whole process.

Bottom line

Prototyping software is an essential part of the web development process. It helps you to test and review ideas before implementing them.