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Reasons Why You Still Don’t Have Followers On TikTok


We hear about new social network apps every day and TikTok is one of the latest ones. The popular video-sharing platform is gaining more and more fans around the world. Looking at the potential, marketers should identify the strategies to use the platform to boost their business. Though TikTok is easy to use, a lot of people do not manage to get a good reach and buy TikTok followers to get instant reach.

Let us look at some of the reasons you are not getting popular on TikTok and the mistakes you should avoid.

Not Sharing Entertaining Content

Whenever you are marketing your brand on a new platform, it is important to match its tone and style. You certainly don’t post the same type of content on Instagram and Pinterest because their styles are totally different. TikTok is meant for entertainment and demands fun things. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is sharing serious content. You should remember that you have to make the viewers laugh to gain their attention.

Not Targeting the Right Audience

It is easy to believe that TikTok is a good place to start sharing content because it has 800 billion users. However, marketers make the mistake of not identifying their niche audience on the platform. You should note that the platform is used by Gen Z for fun and you can’t expect followers by just posting ads. Do some research and analyze your competitors to identify your target audience. You can also get fast results with some services that help Buy TikTok Followers and expand your reach organically.

Not Collaborating

Influencers are today essential for brand exposure. For beginners, this is really effective as it boosts their advertising strategy. Cutthroat competition on the platform can make it difficult to get followers in your niche. When you work with influencers, you can increase your visibility and attract more followers. This type of marketing also presents you as genuine because users trust influencers.

Not Embracing Trends

TikTok is all about the latest trends. There is always something new trending on the platform. If you want to gain exposure and increase followers, you should accept challenges and participate in the newest trends. Another important aspect is hashtags. Make the most out of these tags to expand the reach and discoverability of your content. Identify the most relevant hashtags for your niche and use them with trending tags.

Being Too Promotional

A majority of users on TikTok are Gen Z who don’t like promotional content. So if you are advertising your product or services constantly, it is a big mistake. You should, instead, create content about the benefits you can offer to your customers. Most TikTok users stop following accounts they find too promotional. Consider taking an authentic approach and explain the applications of your business and not just your brand. Make efforts to present yourself as a niche leader.

Not Sharing User-Generated Content

Not all videos uploaded on TikTok engage users. You might not find it easy to create a lot of informative videos. This is why you should share user-generated content on the platform. Ask your audiences to make videos and repurpose them to get high engagement rates at a low cost. This will also help you gain the trust of your followers.