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Shared Web Hosting Or VPS Hosting, Which To Choose For Your Business?


Typically, small businesses starting out will choose a shared hosting plan because it is more budget-friendly. To use an offline example, it is similar to several companies sharing space within an office building to conduct activities. Every enterprise is allotted their own piece of space and all share the amenities, custodial services, maintenance and upkeep that paying their rent offers them. Shared hosting, like sharing office space, provides you with the basic facilities for work. This includes a domain, apps and tools, security features, a cPanel for managing your website, even advanced capabilities such as log file access and web-based managers for files, databases, and email. These tools are also provided to others using the hosting platform as well, however. The shared host can only allot each user or ‘tenant’ with so much time and attention.

Now imagine your workforce growing but being forced into the same office space day in and day out. The space becomes crowded, disorganized, and work suffers because flow is constantly disrupted. Clients can become frustrated as well when their ease of access to your presence and your services is halted or interrupted. The other businesses sharing the building can become frustrated too when you are using up more than your share of allocated amenities, costing them their own ability to perform. You may even receive notice from the owners to pair down or find a different venue.

When this happens in the online world, it’s time to switch to a Virtual Private Server or VPS. It’s essentially your company’s own exclusive office space, complete with the tools you need to conduct your business, and only your business, ensuring you always have the control, security and support you need.

One provider that offers excellent VPS and shared hosting capabilities is HostPapa, a leader in Canadian web hosting whose around-the-clock customer support can help to arrange the migration of your files, and assist with any other associated tasks required to make a smooth transition onto your own server whenever it comes time to do so.

With HostPapa VPS hosting you’re essentially guaranteeing that your websites and apps will always be optimized for their highest performance capabilities, keeping visitors happy as now you’ll have the capacity to serve more clients at lightening fast speeds (without getting backed up). Furthermore, if you have multiple smaller websites, unlimited domains can be housed under this one roof. It’s like providing each of your business counterparts or sister companies with their own floor.

There is no one way to run your business, some will truly benefit financially by remaining on a shared hosting platform. Regardless of how much room and resources you require though, be sure to partner with a host that keeps your best interest at heart, and that can offer you scalability when it does come time for you to expand.

Anyone renting an office, or paying a fee for a place to work will agree that a good landlord makes all the difference, therefore choose one that you can maintain a relationship with for many years, notwithstanding how many moves you make.