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The Benefits of HD CCTV


This article includes various information about CCTV systems and their benefits, as well as why they are used in certain situations. It also covers the advantages of opting for HD versions and how to go about finding the right option for your needs.


CCTV stands for closed circuit television and is widely used in many buildings around the world. It can be found in both commercial and residential properties and is used for security and safety measures. For example, it can help to prevent a crime from taking place or to convict a criminal when the footage of an incident is used as evidence in court.

HD CCTV is much better quality than standard CCTV as it can pick up increased detail in order to identify people’s faces and actions, which helps towards detecting criminal activity. High definition CCTV is also known as IP, network or MP CCTV and is becoming more popular amongst commercial establishments in particular because of its benefits over older versions. It can be a worthy investment as it can help to reduce crime rates, such as shoplifting in a retail store for example. Shops lose millions of pounds every year due to people stealing products, so investing time, money and equipment to stopping and detecting this can be beneficial.


CCTV can also be used for personal reasons, such as a homeowner wanting to protect their property and family from criminal activity, such as vandalism and burglary. It can make you feel safer in your own home as it may prevent criminals from targeting the house or detect them for criminal conviction if an offence has been committed. The video footage can even be used in court as evidence to help bring a perpetrator to justice.

High definition CCTV provides recording and playback of security video in detail. This can be monitored by security personnel in order to prevent and detect crime. CCTV is widely used in commercial and public places such as banks, schools, hospitals and shops, to name just a few. It is even used in many streets and public areas of the UK to help with safety.

High quality footage is able to detect faces in order to identify people and can even be used to trace the last footsteps of a missing person, so has a wide range of advantages. HD cameras can also cover a wider area than analogue versions and can therefore work out as a more cost effective option overall.

The search and playback features are also easier with this technology so it is quicker to find the clip that you are looking for. A camera can also be connected to a wifi network and they are very easy to install. They are more user friendly and becoming increasingly popular in the developed world. When looking to install a CCTV system, research the benefits of HD versions to see if they are suitable for your needs. It is a good idea to compare prices in order to find the best value for money as well.