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The Most Data Consuming Activities In Australia


Whenever we do anything online, we are always waiting for that faithful email or text message, the one telling us that we are coming close to our data limit. This is, of course, a big pain in the neck, one that we would all rather avoid at all costs. The fact of the matter is that new NBN internet plans often come with unlimited data, which is why you might want to look into getting a new plan. Yes, we all love being on the internet and using it for various things, but data usage is a big problem when you do not have an unlimited plan. So, what are some of the most data consuming activities around, ones that might make you think about a good NBN plan?

1. Movie & TV Streaming

Without a shadow of a doubt, the activity which sucks up the most data is the streaming of content such as movies and TV shows. Netflix, Google Play, Hulu, and all of those other data streaming services may be really cheap by themselves and have lots of good titles too. However, the fact that these services use a ton of data is undeniable. If you are watching your shows and movies in standard definition, you are looking at about 700 megabytes per hour, but if you love your HD, you are looking at closer to 3 gigabytes per hour. Unless you have a good unlimited data NBN plan, your data is definitely not going to last very long at all.

2. Online Games

Another big data consuming thing is the online game. Online games, with all of the data they transfer, adds you are forced to watch, and content that gets steadily downloaded, you could be using as much as 1 megabyte of data per minute, which starts to add up real quick if you get hooked on one of those highly addictive MMO games that are so popular right now. Heck, some of these games are hundreds or even thousands of gigabytes just to download. Without a good NBN plan with unlimited or near unlimited data, you will use up all of your data playing something like Candy Crush.

3. Social Media

Something that we all do in today’s world is open up a ton of different social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and all of those other services too. Did you know that simply scrolling through your Facebook feed can easily use over 100 megabytes of data per hour? For all the people out there seriously addicted to social media, this can end up using hundreds and hundreds of megabytes per day. Of course, we all need to know what Brad cooked for dinner, and we definitely need to know how Jennifer’s cat looks in a pair of pants, so the only option is to look into some NBN plans that provide lots or even unlimited data.

Big Time Data Usage Activities

So, social media, gaming, and movie streaming all take up a lot of data, but so do other things like video calls, checking emails, and general web surfing too. To do away with data overage costs while maintaining a fast connection, your only good option in Australia is to get a decent NBN plan.