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Things You Can Buy Using 1 Bitcoin – Which No One is Talking About


After having faced a lot of ups and downs in the industry, people have now started to bother about cryptos. They now want to know how to spend on bitcoins and when to spend on bitcoins etc. It is now all about bitcoin trading and bitcoin use. People want to know what all can be done using bitcoin. You can use immediate bitcoin for bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin can’t be used in regular life as of now, but people have become aware that bitcoin is something that has to be used it some cases and it can’t be used anytime, anywhere. Today we will discuss what all can you buy using bitcoins in the upcoming days of your life. 

We will tell you what all can you buy using 1 bitcoin here and we hope it will be very interesting for you 

An Ounce of Gold

Last Thursday for the first time ever in the life of bitcoin, the price of bitcoin exceeded the value or the price of the troy ounce gold. The gap between the price of the gold and bitcoin has been quite a lot at this time. Gold has always been a support in the financial crisis times but now it has been quite an unobvious period with the pandemic. 

The gold owners could not rescue the bitcoin that was there in the market already. In fact, in this pandemic the bitcoin owners got the special rescue from the financial crisis. Gone are the days when the physical store of the cryptocurrencies and gold mattered. Now the digital currency known as bitcoin matters most. Bitcoin could be anything but physical which makes the bitcoin very safe to use because there will be less. The fact that the bitcoin is not physical is something that keeps the people more grounded to bitcoin than with gold or any other mode of investment. 

Some Amount of Ethereum 

If you want to think a little more creatively and spend on something more than gold, then you can use it to buy some amount of Ethereum using it. Now you must have a question in mind about what exactly the amount of Ethereum can you buy using 1 single bitcoin, then let me tell you, you can buy up to 67.9 Ethereum. 

This currency promises to do well and execute a good experimental plan, which would be used and the blockchain will help them to set up the companies for themselves becoming entrepreneurs. Ethereum is another type of cryptocurrency which can be used for investing bitcoins. 

Some Hours of Netflix 

As of now, we have just spoken about the money part as in how much one can invest and do something worth spending like if you spend on gold and you will be able to earn some more amount in return. While you spend on Ethereum then you will be able to earn some Ethereum ones the rise in price becomes convenient. 

So now you can use one bitcoin to use 1 bitcoin for buying some hours of Netflix. Now the next question would be how many hours can we buy using the bitcoin, so let me tell you, you can use 77, 400 hours using one bitcoin. 

A Flight 

This might be very curious and interesting to find out that you can use a bitcoin to buy a flight too. You can travel in one bitcoin, isn’t that fun stuff?  One bitcoin will give you some mileage and you can do some small trips like you can fly to shanghai and return if you buy a flight using the bitcoin. 


These are just some of the other things that you can do while using the bitcoin in anywhere on earth. One has to just know where all they can use then from now on you can spend your virtual money to buy things instead of the real money.