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Three Types Of Security Barriers To Consider For Your Business’s Property


The world is becoming a more dangerous place, and there is now a greater emphasis on the physical security of a business from a variety of threats. Among the most important products available for a the security of a business are the barriers that are used to protect the parimeter of your property. Different types of barriers serve different functions. Adding extra security to your home will only increase it’s overall value, according to popular cash buyer The Property Buying Company. The following are three types to consider installing on your company.

Palisade fencing

This type of fencing offers a business a lot of security without frightening the community. Made from galvanize steel, this fencing is composed of rods with space between them. Naturally, the space is too small to squeeze through, but it still offers the passerby a view of your facility. There is nothing intimidating about the fence to a casual observer. However, anyone thinking about scaling the fence will think twice when seeing the heads of the fence posts. Available in a variety of designs, these sharp ends makes injury to an intruder almost a certainty. In addition, this type of fence can be integrated with an electronic alarm system, thereby giving an intruder little time to scale an already difficult barrier. Gibralter is an example of a company that offers these types of high security barriers.


Wedge barriers and traffic spikes

Traffic spikes, sometimes known as tiger teeth, protrude out of the ground and will flatten the tire of any vehicle attempting to cross over them. Often they are designed to prevent traffic from moving in a single direction. With the teeth facing the opposite direction, traffic can simply drive over them. This type of security barrier is often enough to prevent the opportunistic driver from entering a place where they have no business being. However, for someone more determined, it is the wedge barrier that offers the greater defense for your property. These steel panels lift up at a 45 degree angle and have the strength to stop a large truck from passing. These are ideal when there is a possibility of someone attempting to crash through your security with a vehicle at without stopping.


Anti-ram barricades

This is a wide ranging category that covers both permanent and temporary barricades. The most well known barricades are large cement blocks that are used to protect construction workers along roadsides, but these can also be used by private businesses as well. Sometimes they can be sued as a long-term solution for vulnerable areas of a property that have no road, but may still be compromised by a vehicle. They can be hidden by shrubbery and trees if desired. There are also barricades systems available that can be implemented by the use of a hydraulic system. When there is a low risk of attack, they can be retracted. Retractable poles and panels are the main structures that utilize hydraulics for movement.

FixedHVMScimitarBollardsWhat is best for your company’s security will ultimately depend upon the security threat that management has assessed. Depending upon the nature of the work done at a particular facility, there may be little risk. However, this can change quickly in today’s environment. In a case like this, you need to have a barricade system in place that can be utilized when your facility goes to a higher level of security threat. This threat can come from an organization, a lone wolf or even a disgruntled employee, but regardless of the threat, if your property is ready the probability is high that your security will not be compromised.