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Top 6 Football Betting Strategies to follow in 2021


If you are an avid football lover, you might want to invest your knowledge in a good source where you can gain massive cash rewards in return. Do you know football bettings? Of course! You must have come across such sports betting websites.

Did you succeed? We are sure that many of you will give a negative reply. Well, the main factor responsible for unrewarding football bets is the lack of an effective strategy.

To turn your losses into wins and let you win massive rewards, we are here with the top six football betting strategies that will help you achieve your goal. So, let’s get started to pick out the best online betting offers

Top Football Betting Strategies in 2021

  • Matched Betting

For putting a matched betting into action, you will first have to accumulate free bets. The free bet bonuses will only be available once you have crossed the betting thresholds to get such bets.

Once you get the free bets, select a suitable event. Then, start betting to win more free bets, which will be later laid off. By doing so, you won’t lose any match and only win.

Matched betting is the only one of its kind where you always win and never incur any loss. Moreover, your money is not involved in this football strategy as you are playing with the free bets.

  • Goliath Bets

Unlike matched betting, you don’t get the guarantee of only wins in Goliath bets. To compensate, the number of odds and chances that you get is more in this strategy than others. This way, you are more likely to make a profit and few losses.

Why this strategy? Quite simple! You get eight selections that makeup to 247 combinations. Start your bets using these eight selections, and then behold the results. 

The catch here is that the number of selections you win out of the total eight, the more rewards you get. So, to place accurate bets, you need to put your best foot forward and use your football knowledge to the maximum extent.

  • Kelly Criterion

Here comes the champion, Kelly criterion that is widely preferred by many bettors. What is so good about it? It is your bankroll’s status that it shows so that you can place bets accordingly after knowing how much funds are at stake.

The strategy you need to apply here is similar to what you use while you are on the stock market platform. Your football knowledge comes into play here that leads you to the much-desired win. 

With Kelly Criterion, you can determine your possibility of winning a bet that you have placed. 

Since there are odds and probabilities in the betting game, the Kelly criterion brings forth the possible combinations and determines the amount of money at stake. Using this information, you can place the bets wisely and win massive rewards.

  • Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting systems have existed for a very long time, but not many use this football strategy to their benefit. Even though it seems non-promising, once used, your perception will change drastically.

Here, you are required to exploit the chances that you get to the maximum potential and make profits within a few minutes. The variation of odds plays a significant role here that uses your in-depth knowledge in football and yields promising results.

  • Price Boost exploitation

Price Boost Exploitation acts as the bridge that connects both arbitrage betting and matched betting. Hence, it has borrowed the characteristics of both. Two significant aspects provide it a new identity.

The first one is the absence of any free bets that you need in the matched betting strategy. The second aspect is the variation of odds that you need in arbitrage betting, provided by the booker himself in the price boost exploitation strategy.

It works much similar to arbitrage betting and hence has landed in our list of the best football betting strategies you can use.

  • Betfair Trading

Don’t want to play according to the rules of a bookmaker? Your dream has come true with Betfair trading that offers you various chances to make profits by betting on football without involving a bookmaker.

In this strategy, you can bet and play like any other betting strategy but won’t be dealing with a bookmaker as a middleman. Instead, you will be winning your bets and exchanging them with fellow bettors to get better odds and chances.

It is like a barter system where you exchange items (bets in this case) and get better opportunities to place your bet.