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Two Cost-Effective Ways To Create A Secure Work Environment


The security of your business is dependant on those around you. No matter whether you have two employees or 200, you will be relying on those staff to act responsibly when it comes to their online security practices. While the onus is on you as the business owner, the key to creating a secure environment is your staff, and they are the only way to ensure that you are moving forward as a business while remaining as safe as possible at all times in terms of security. The following cost-effective methods of making your work environment as secure as possible are the best ways to ensure that you can inspire confidence in your branding and convert those all important sales.

Regular staff training

The majority of cyber attacks occur due to your staff. These are not primarily caused by malice and are instead far more likely to be caused by lack of awareness when it comes to basic internet security. If you’re hoping to create the most secure work environment possible, then the most cost-effective and basic way to do that is through staff training sessions. Many businesses cover internet security on the first day and never return to the subject until a breach has occurred. This is not enough in an age where cyber attacks are updated and improved on a regular basis. Covering and repeating the basics of strong password security is your first step, but having regular meetings about the latest phishing scams and techniques can also be a low-cost solution to your security needs.

Update your systems

Whether you’ve been in business a week or a decade, the chances are that your security could do with an upgrade. Sometimes this is as simple as clicking on the ‘accept’ button when your security software prompts you, but more often it will require an overhaul of the tools and resources that you use for protection. With more and more businesses opting to use cloud-based services to save money and reduce wasted time, it is essential for those cloud-users to optimize their security to the maximum levels. Use tools like this AWS best security practices checklist and you will minimize your exposure to damaging attacks. While prevention is always better than cure, optimizing your security will also help you to recover more swiftly in cases where you do come under attack, and that can save you significant time, money, and customer trust.

As cyber attacks become an increasingly regular part of online life, it can often be tempting just to stay offline forever. However, with these very simple strategies, you will be taking the steps to ensure that you are as protected as possible. No matter how secure you may be, it is always beneficial to commit to regular checks on your security to ensure that you are as up to date as possible at all times. Not only will this give you more confidence when it comes to your business management, but it will also help to dissuade hackers.