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Ultimate Guide To Protecting Your Electronic Enclosures



Nowadays, almost every homestead, office or a company uses electronic gadgets. Modern technology promotes the use of electronic and electrical devices that ease livelihoods. The demand for these electronic gadgets keeps on rising every day.

Electronic enclosures assist in protecting electronic gadgets at all times. They serve as crucial components that facilitate the use of every electronic device. There are many types of electronic enclosures, but it is recommended that only approved enclosures should be used. However, the primary aspect of active electronics is to use the right maintenance techniques properly. Numerous issues are associated with defective and unprotected electronic enclosures. Luckily, there is no need for alarm as this guide will assist you in protecting your electronic enclosures appropriately.

Why Is It Necessary To Protect Your Electronic Enclosures?

. Safety Reasons

Electronic enclosures protect individuals from electrical shocks as they act as shields. When electronic equipment such as computers is covered with enclosures, there will be no direct interaction with internal components that could cause electrical shock. Additionally, electronic appliances are protected from components such as dust, moisture, and heat.

. Increases Efficiency

Electronic gadgets should be protected from damage-causing elements; they will be able to operate without unnecessary disruptions. This increases their efficiency as better results are realized in a short span.

. Durability– 

When enclosures are shielded from corrosion and other damages, they will be able to last for an extended period. If they are made from durable materials, they will operate for a more extended period, thus durability.

. Saves Cost– 

Maintenance cost and replacement fee are significantly reduced when right enclosures are used and adequately protected.

Best Tips For Protecting Your Electronic Enclosures

Protecting From Overheating

Overheating of electronic enclosures is a significant problem which reduces reliability at a high rate. Rising temperatures cause heat due to several reasons. Modern electronic gadgets have many components attached firmly to each other which can be a source of heat load if the temperatures are not well managed.

Causes Of Overheating

. Inefficient Cooling Systems

The right cooling systems should dissipate all heat that electronic components produce. If the head is retained, the enclosure may overheat leading to inefficiency. Overheating may cause severe damage to electronic gadgets as well as enclosures.

. Dust

Electronic materials should be able to release heat at any given time. However, when dust covers them, it acts as an insulator preventing heat dissipation. Consequently, the temperature spikes and all the components overheat.

. Exposure To Direct Sunlight

When metallic surfaces are exposed to direct sunlight, they tend to absorb the heat. If the exposure is prolonged, the metallic enclosure will overheat affecting the electronic components inside.

Solutions To Overheating

. Use Of Nonmetallic Enclosures

Neither do nonmetallic electronic enclosures absorb heat, nor do they overheat when exposed to direct sunlight. It is wise to choose plastic enclosures as they have numerous benefits that range from being nonmagnetic and water-resistant to lightweight. Additionally, plastic enclosures are flexible, since they even absorb vibrations hence, protecting the electronic components inside.

If you opt to use a metallic electronic exposure, you can paint it so to prevent it from absorbing solar heat.

. Use of Larger Enclosures

Large surface areas allows more heat to be dissipated. Many electronic gadgets are compacted together, and they generate more heat at any given time. Thus, it is advisable to use a larger electronic enclosure so that the heat produced may be dissipated efficiently.

. Use of Effective Cooling Systems

Many cooling systems uses thermostats to regulate and maintain recommended temperatures in the electrical devices. Vortex cooler is a reputable cooling system for many gadgets. It can be controlled by using manual or electric thermostats. Additionally, a vortex cooler can be used in more sensitive and hazardous environments.

Other cooling systems include a thermoelectric, fan and refrigerant-based cooling systems.

. Consider Environment

The type of approved enclosure you choose depends on several factors, the location being a crucial one. Some are suitable for outdoors, indoors and even hazardous sites. When settling for an enclosure, consider the environment that you will place the enclosure.

Protecting From Dust

Proper airflow is needed in many electronic gadgets. Several electronic enclosures allow the flow of air inside an electronic device as it assists in cooling. However, when the gadgets are covered with dust or even the dust filters become full, heat dissipation is reduced, leading to systems shutdowns. When dust clings to the dust ventilators, the flow of air is disrupted, which can cause other issues such as CPU fire, heat sink damage, scratched screens, and gadget malfunctioning.

Solutions To Dust Issues

. Embracing Dust Shields

Effective dust shields protect your electronic gadgets from dust clogging. They also prevent corrosion which results due to the combination of dust and moisture. Electronic enclosures with dust shields extend the lifespan of the electronic gadgets and thereby, saving the cost of regular replacement. Consider buying dust shields that have met the required standards for better services.

. Regular Dust Cleaning

Enclosures are vulnerable to dust, especially those placed outdoors. It is recommended that you clean them both inside and outside, regularly. It would be best if you use the right cleaning dusters for better performance.

Protecting From Moisture And Corrosion

The material used to make the electronic enclosure dictates the durability as well as the cost. When selecting an enclosure, it is wise to consider the price but do not compromise the quality. This is because some materials like carbon steel are affordable but vulnerable to corrosion. Moisture content plays a huge role in causing and accelerating the corrosion of enclosures. Enclosures made from stainless steel are resistant to corrosion hence durable.

Solutions To Corrosion And Moisture Content

. Use of Dehumidifiers

You should consider installing dehumidifiers to your enclosure or buy an already installed one. Dehumidifiers absorb moisture content that would have otherwise been absorbed by the enclosure as well as electronic components. It is advisable to select a dehumidifier that is noiseless, free from vibrations, consumes low energy and efficiently prevents moisture damage.

. Use of Corrosion Resistant Materials

Electronic enclosures made from aluminum and stainless steel are resistant to corrosion. They are suitable for use in both indoors and outdoors locations. Other recommended enclosures are those made from polycarbonate plastic due to their excellent performance.

Protecting From Physical Damage

Electronic enclosures can be physically damaged due to several reasons. The most vulnerable enclosures are the one placed outdoors and in hazardous environments. Electronic cabinets and computer enclosures are less prone to physical damages. To prevent your enclosures from physical damage, consider the following tips:

  • Please place them in a suitable location out of reach by children
  • Use strong material for your custom electronic enclosure
  • Using multiple locks
  • Adopt smart security systems such as automatic electronic locking and access control 

Protecting From Electromagnetic Interference

Electromagnetic interference can cause electronic equipment damage. Natural events and human-made devices can cause electromagnetic interference. It is recommended to purchase those electronic enclosures with EMI shielding. Many of the EMI shielded enclosures are made from gaskets and filters. When you want a custom enclosure, you can ensure that it has been shielded by electromagnetic interference.

Final Thoughts

Electronic enclosures play a significant role in protecting our home appliances. They should be well protected to enhance their performance and lifespan. Also, they should be carefully selected depending on quality, cost, and their purposes. It is recommended that you purchase enclosures that are approved by relevant government bodies for optimal performance.