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Weather Can Shut Down Crucial Business Operations


It makes sense that weather can directly affect the aviation industry, but it also wreaks havoc on banking, broadcasting, energy production, recreation and utility businesses among others. These businesses rely on a professional weather station to keep them abreast of potential issues, and such a station can help your operations as well.

Benefits of a Professional Meteorologist

When you enlist the services of a professional meteorological company, you receive detailed reports from a professional weather station designed to help you make crucial decisions pertaining to your business. For example, according to The Washington Post, Major League Baseball’s Washington Nationals rely on real-time weather data to ensure optimal fan and player safety. According to head groundskeeper John Turnour

  • 9 percent of his focus is on professional-grade weather radar during inclement game days.
  • By tapping into a forecasting command center, Turnour receives personalized pre-, during and post-game weather forecasts.
  • Professional forecasting information includes hazardssuch as lightning storms.

How does Turnour get his hands on such crucial data? He works with Earth Networks where, as quoted from The Washington Post, chief meteorologist Mark Hoekzema explains, “We’re getting the real-time rain rates, so we’re able to, with the dense network [of weather stations] around D.C., see the rain as it approaches and gauge generally if it’s… enough to create a problem…”

Imagine Having This Detailed Data for Your Business

Any business can access this real-time data from professional meteorologists, and if you choose to leverage this power, you will have

  • Critical weather alerts for your exact location
  • Data presented on high-resolution global models
  • Advanced warning of hail, high winds, lightning and rain
  • 24/7 weather tracking and customer support

You don’t have to be the head groundskeeper for a Major League baseball team to benefit from the comprehensive weather solutions provided by Earth Networks. Our Sferic API provides a lightning strike map in real time and highly accurate weather forecasting. Contact us today at 800-544-4429