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What Is The Need For Plumbers Camera Sewer Lines


A sewer camera is an efficient tool to inspect the problems that lie inside the sewer lines. This tool offers a precise and easy diagnosis of the plumbing line. Due to its benefits, a sewer camera is an essential tool that professional plumbers use.

This article tells you possible reasons to use a plumber’s camera for efficient inspection of sewer lines.

Reasons For Problems In Sewer Line

If you are experiencing troubles in your sewer line, then it could be due to the presence of any of the below items.

  • Household Items
  • Sanitary Products
  • Paper Towels
  • Tree Roots
  • Foreign Objects
  • Tree Roots can grow into sewer pipes. Older pipes are susceptible to getting invaded by roots.

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Benefits Of Plumbing Sewer Camera

Professional plumbers use a wide range of tools to repair sewer line issues. These tools help restore the sewer line to the original condition. A plumbing camera enables the plumber to inspect the plumbing from the inside without doing any invasive digging to the property or damage to the walls.

It is also the quickest method to determine what goes inside the plumbing and what would be the best course of repair. If you have accidentally dropped something in the drain, then the sewer camera will help in the identification of its location to make it easier to obtain it.

The sewer camera inspection also helps in identifying any issues in the interior of the plumbing line. The device lets you catch the problem before it takes a huge form. In this way, by performing regular inspections, a user can save from incurring heavy expenses due to major repair work.

When to use a plumbing camera?

If you experience any of the below issues in your sewer line, then you will need a plumbing camera:


Some of the signs of leakage include musty odours, higher water bills, etc. A plumbing camera will help in the right identification of the leakage source.

Backed-up Plumbing

Backing up multiple lines can lead to a sewer problem. Sounds such as gurgling or bubbling are the possible indications of this problem.

Clogs In The Drainage

Another important reason to use the sewer camera is clogging in the drains. This can lead to the accumulation of debris inside the drain. If this condition goes for a prolonged period, then it can even lead to complete blockages in the drainage system.

Before You Purchase A Home

Regular inspections of homes do not include an examination of the sewer line. This makes it necessary that you have the assistance of a reliable plumbing company. Sewer camera helps in a thorough inspection of the entire plumbing line to learn about the issues before buying a home.

Remodelling your home

It is also required to perform the inspection of the drainage system to find out the precise location of the pipes. This is especially important when the homeowner does not have the blueprint details of the home.

To Determine the Extent of the Damage

Another important use of a plumber camera is to find out the extent of the plumbing issue. This camera enables the plumbing professional to inspect every inch of the plumbing line to identify the right repairs and its cost.


A sewer issue can occur due to a variety of reasons. A camera inspection will help you in the precise identification of the root cause of the issue without performing any excavation. The assistance of the experienced plumbing professional will help in the best execution of the sewer issue.