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What Will Be Important In Instagram In 2019


To date, a huge number of people prefer Instagram, than all other social network, which requires developers of the popular service of constant innovation, updates and just reliable, smooth operation. What will please Instagram In 2019 and what new trends will be at the top of popularity is already known. The best material about the main trends and development strategies can be found here is https://poprey.com/blog/Best_instagram_strategies/.

Video component of Instagram

Since its inception, Instagram has been positioned as a social platform for sharing photos and only occasionally had the popularity of videos. At the moment, the video component of the social network has exceeded all expectations and is trying to actively create competition for YouTube. The most popular for all time of course was the usual horizontal video, and vertical records were criticized by all and sundry.

However, as you know, nothing is eternal, and go against the current-one of the best trends of our time. Therefore, the direction has only recently received a strong movement, and the peak is expected just for 2019. This trend Instagram managed to intercept and YouTube developers who persistently do not want to lag behind the main competitor.

Shooting vertical video is quite simple, and you can use the built-in programs in the social network for editing, as well as to ensure that the videos are not interrupted in the Stories; it is enough to use Inshot, as well as Storeo. For large videos, an IPTV application was created, which was introduced only in the summer of 2018, so the popularity is still ahead, despite the unprecedented demand already now.

Video component Instagram is actively developing and it can be seen by rating the best and largest social networks around the world, where the first place is Facebook, and the second YouTube. The third position for Instagram, but given the powerful features and continuous development, it’s not for long.

Instagram Stories and Direct

Stories feature in Instagram for a long time, but is just beginning to gain popularity. Of course we cannot say that now few people are interested in History – quite the contrary, more than 410 million people in the world daily view various Stories. Nevertheless, according to experts, this figure is not the highest yet and the growth will increase in 2019.

The ideal idea for promoting Stories will be the insertion of advertising in videos or photos, because its use is now rare, and the cost is incredibly small, by the standards of Instagram. Because you can slowly implement this format, adapting it with the help of different applications, specially designed for this case. Or simply add banners to your photo in Photoshop.

In addition, it has become quite popular and search for growth Stories views, which allows you to quickly and easily find the desired history. To add popularity and fame page, you can additionally purchase likes or views here – https://poprey.com/instagram_views.php, which eventually will still pay off after a while.

In addition to Stories, a lot of attention has always been paid to the direct, which the developers have added and will develop in 2019. Communication will become much more interesting with the introduction of video, quick answers and a list of close friends.

The growth of the ecommerce direction is also predicted, which already surpasses offline trading, attracting more and more people for purchases through Instagram.

Hashtags on Instagram

One of the most common and used “features” in Instagram Are hashtags, which are used to describe almost everything that happens in life, helps to advertise products and distribute videos that many people are looking for it by short tags.

Thanks to hashtags you can find new subscribers and a huge number of likes, absolutely free. Choosing hashtags is correct and to the point, because the use of the most popular will not always be able to create an effective result at the best level. In order not to miscalculate and do everything perfectly, you can use specialized services that select the necessary, most suitable and relevant hashtags. One of these has a lot of popularity in mind the well-established work which gives the result is https://poprey.com/service_search_hashtags.php.