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12 Smartphone Hacks You Need To Try Out


Just about everyone, today has a Smartphone. Children as young as 8 years old and adults as old as 90 have these phones, and most cannot get through the day without them. When we once worried about not being able to find a payphone to make a phone call or not having a scrap of paper to jot down a phone number, today we worry about whether our phone is going to die or that the camera on our phones will not focus well enough to take the perfect picture. If you are like many people, and your phone is your life, there are a few Smartphone hacks that you should know to make your life easier.

#1 Use Your Smartphone Case for Storage

Instead of worrying about how to fit everything into your pockets, purchase a case that you can utilize for storing your necessities. If you are going out and want to keep your cash, credit cards, and ID safe, your smartphone case is a great place to hide these items. It is a great way to carry the items that you need without lugging along a wallet as well as being a great way to keep valuable things out of sight.

12 Smartphone Hacks You Need To Try Out

#2 Charge Your Phone in “Airplane Mode”

If you need to charge your phone, but only have a little while to do so, you should put your phone on Airplane Mode first. When the phone is in Airplane Mode, it does not need to continually search for a signal, which helps your phone charge faster. If you want your phone’s battery to last longer, keep it in Airplane Mode until you need to use it.

#3 Shut Down Apps That Are Not in Use

When your phone is on, there are always apps running in the background. Even if you are not using them, they are still running. If you want to preserve your battery life longer, you should shut down any background apps that you are not using at the moment.

#4 Use the Shutter Button to Take Continuous Shots

If you are trying to get as many photos as possible in just a few seconds, you don’t need an expensive camera like the ones that photographers use. You can use your Smartphone. Simply push the shutter button on your phone, and you should be able to take up to 20 shots per second.

#5 The Camera’s Front Camera is Best for Selfies

If you love taking selfies, you should use the phone’s front camera as it has an airbrush effect, which makes the pictures look softer.T he quality of these images is pretty impressive too as many Samsung phones for example now have 5MP front facing cameras, meaning you’re getting an extremely good quality image to share online

#6 The Phone’s Volume Button is an Alternate Shutter Button

If you are trying to take a photo, but pressing the phone’s shutter button is making your hand shake when taking the photo, you can use the volume button on your phone as an alternate shutter button. It will help you get a better picture if your hands are shaking or if you are afraid that you are going to drop your phone.

#7 Cover the Phone’s Microphone When Taking a Video

If you want to reduce the ambient noise when you are trying to take a video, you should cover the microphone. When you watch the video later, you will be really glad that you did.

#8 Use a Sandwich Bag to Protect Your Phone

If you are going to be walking in the rain and you don’t have a waterproof Smartphone, you should put it in a sandwich bag. When it is in the bag, you can still text, post, take photos, and do everything that you normally could if your phone were not in a bag.

#9 Never Use Your Phone While It Is Charging

When you charge your phone and use it at the same time, it can reduce the life of your battery. Smartphones have Li-ion batteries. These batteries have a limited charge cycle, which needs to be replaced after the cycle runs out.

#10 Wait Until You Have a Strong Signal Before Using Your Phone

If you have poor signal strength, you should wait until you are in a better area to use your phone. If you use it when the signal is poor, your phone will need to work twice as hard to keep the signal, which can greatly reduce the battery power.


#11 Use Your Smartphone to Find Your Car

If you are in a place that you have never been, you should take a photo of a landmark around your car before you leave it. If you are unable to remember where you parked later, you can use the photo to get an idea of where your vehicle is located.

#12 Turn on Wi-Fi for Faster Downloads

If you want to download something in a hurry, you should turn on the Wi-Fi. Your download will be completed much faster than if you were to download in 4G. You may already be aware of some of these smartphone hacks, but hopefully I’ve been able to introduce you to some more that could significantly help your everyday smartphone usage. Whether you’re struggling with maintaining battery power or are simply looking to get the most for your money, follow these simple tips and you’ll soon be seeing the benefits.