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3 Insanely Hot Fresh QA Trends That look Like They Are Here To Stay


Quality Assurance and Quality Control are two major game changers for the entire IT community. More and more startups and small businesses are starting to realize true value of usability, stability, security and performance.


Business owners of all types are already up-to-date with what users expect. They constantly learn about insane new industry trends. And they expect the same from their vendors. By the way, you can do the same using deviqa.com QA service.

So it’s finally time for us, rusty test engineers to shale some dust. We are operating in a field where stopping is equal to death. Our minds should be open to change and learning is a part of who we are. But what should we really study right now?

Top 3 trends in QA industry

trends-in-qa-industry1. No size fits all! A single plan you’ve used for a variety of projects before is dated and, frankly, it’s useless today. Hammering a product into fitting your plan is counter-productive. It’s time for testers to adjust. Contextualize as much as possible. Embrace new experiences. Let old papers go in favor of new, project-centric documentation.

2. It seems that people can’t survive without IoT. Businesses have already put a saddle on this prominent new niche. People want to milk the shiny cow and they need your assistance. But the sad part is that you probably know as little about appropriate IoT testing methodologies as stakeholders themselves. You have their trust but nothing to back it up with. Start learning. Baby steps can begin at connectivity as well as cross-platform compatibility of new products. That’s where most of the critical bugs hide.

3. We need more security. Did you know that nearly 74% of small businesses in the US are hacked annually in one way or the other? Not all of that happens because of software vulnerabilities though. A lot of people use outdated versions of software and don’t invest any tome or effort into patching or updating it. You can’t help them, but you can save others right now with that new release that’s rid of troublesome breaches. Learn as much as possible about Penetration Testing as possible. Become the hacker. Break apps and make good money with it. Sounds like a plan, right?

Yes, these points might sound like something QA engineers alone should be interested but that’s only the first impression. The entire IT industry turns its sight on these matters. Perhaps you, our dear reader, should do the same as well?