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4 Classic Tech Products That Have Been Upgraded To Be Even Cooler


Tech products can be funny at times. When they are first released, they may seem like the coolest and most advanced gadgets ever — and oftentimes they are. But then these gadgets are upgraded in some way and suddenly those original features are not as incredible as we thought, because now the tech devices are even more amazing. Here are a few examples.

Wireless Conduction Headphones

If you love music, you probably have at least one pair of headphones. While there are nifty versions of headphones out there that are wireless, pair up with Bluetooth and have amazing sound, the Wireless Conduction Headphones by AfterShokz take them to the next level. Rather than fitting across your ears, which can lead to people missing out on hearing important ambient sounds like the ringing of a phone, sirens and other noises, these conduct through the bones in your face — yes, you read that right. The open fit design of these headphones fit near the top of your head and delivers the music through your cheekbones; and they are flexible, lightweight and as comfortable as regular headphones. They also feature the Bluetooth connectivity you are used to, along with quality sound and moisture resistance.

Lightweight and Quick-Charging E-Cigs

Fans of e-cigs will be pleased to know that the devices have become lighter and easier to use than ever. While previous models of these devices could be bulky at times and took awhile to charge, this is not the case with many of the newer products. For instance, myblu is a sleek and compact e-cig device that offers high performance without any of the hassles found in earlier models. In addition to being more lightweight and easy to fit inside a pocket or purse, myblu offers faster charging. You can easily connect it to the myblu USB charger and plug it into a standard USB port — this can be on your laptop, portable charging device or desktop computer. Also, instead of cumbersome refills, it lets you change flavors with one simple click.

Consolidate Your Spending

Yes, paying for items with features like Google Wallet and PayPal is easy and convenient, but thanks to the Dynamics Wallet Card, you can load virtually as many credit or debit cards onto what looks like a regular charge card and make the checkout process even easier with your phone. This Internet of Things payment method is connected and secure; should a data breach take place at one of the merchants whose card is loaded onto the Dynamics Wallet Card, the bank can immediately delete the compromised number and replace it with a new account number. You can also download your supermarket and other stores’ loyalty cards onto the card, so you no longer have to juggle through a bunch of cards in your purse or wallet when shopping.

A Traceable Wallet

Wallets that feature RFID protection to protect your credit cards (including the Dynamics Wallet Card) from wireless skimming and data theft have been around for some time. Companies like Ekster have upped the wallet security ante by offering a smart wallet with some additional innovative features. For instance, their wallets include a trigger that, when clicked, will eject the six most frequently used cards. In addition, the wallet features a solar-powered tracker card that will allow you to keep track of its location on a map — if it gets misplaced, the wallet will make a ringing sound to help you find it.

As you know, already amazing tech has now been elevated to the next level. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll have an e-cig that also acts as a conducting set of headphones with a built in credit card and an alarm that lets us know when it’s lost. But for now, these four updated tech gadgets are all plenty innovative and easy and fun to use, all on their own.