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5 Gadget Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers


With only a few weeks to go until Christmas, the majority of us are running around trying to make sure that we’ve not forgotten anybody off the Christmas list. And, whilst some people are increasingly difficult to buy for, there’s always one person that we know will appreciate a good gadget – the tech geek. Whether it’s a family member, friend, or even somebody from the office that you’ve been given for Secret Santa, these five tech gift ideas for gadget lovers will leave you spoilt for choice.

DIY Gamer Kit


If the gadget lover in your life is also a gaming fanatic who loves retro games and anything that gives them a feel of nostalgia, they’ll love a DIY Gamer Kit. This fantastic kit allows them to assemble their own portable games console and play classic old-school games, or even program their own with an add-on Arduino board that can be bought separately.


Most of us are probably wondering why a techie that we know still smokes regular cigarettes and hasn’t gotten hooked on the wonderful world of electronic cigarettes yet. Why not introduce your friend to the world of vaping and buy them their very own e-cigarette starter kit so they can give it a go and see how much better – and cheaper – it really is. They’ll probably be building their own in no time! For more information, click here.

Balancing Robot

From the makers of Robosapian and available on Amazon is this adorable robot, which can perform a number of tasks such as bring you a drink or just roam around freely. Controlled via your smartphone, the robot can also battle any other robots in the room or even perform a brilliant rhythmic robot dance when you upload songs from your music library.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

If you’ve picked out the computer guy’s name in the Secret Santa at the office, a Bluetooth speaker is a great gift that you can pick up for just a few dollars. These nifty little devices are only usually quite small, and connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to play music – meaning that there’s no wires involved and the user can carry on using their gadget as normal without being restricted by being plugged in.

Wi-Fi Range Extender

It’s a certain fact that gadget lovers need to be connected all of the time and wherever they are. Nothing irritates a techie more than a poor Wi-Fi connection, as it’s bound to interfere with whatever it is they’re doing online at the time – coding, downloading, uploading, or maybe just streaming movies. Either way, if your friend or family member is getting fed up of their poor Wi-Fi connection, a Wi-Fi range extender could be the perfect gift idea for them. Simply plug it in anywhere in the house that has a decent Wi-Fi signal, and it will improve the signal in all the nooks and crannies so that the user can browse uninterrupted.

Are you a tech lover? What’s on your Christmas list?