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5 Interesting Tech Developments For Senior Citizens


Technology and the elderly don’t always necessarily go hand in hand, but savvy seniors are becoming aware that the latest digital developments can improve their quality of life. From the touch of a smart screen, seniors now have access to a multitude of services which can assist them with their daily tasks. Here are 5 of the most interesting tech developments for older people in 2017!

Augmented Reality

For some seniors, mobility is extremely difficult if not impossible. This makes it difficult to interact with other people by leaving the house. Thanks to strides in internet-based technology and virtual reality, the capability to realistically interact with other individuals just might be a possibility for seniors soon.

Not only can individuals replicate a social experience in a seemingly real environment but augmented reality also offers other benefits for seniors. For web content that might have once been difficult for them to read or interact with, AR interaction may optimize their experience by making it easier.

Self-driving Vehicles

At an age where a person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle diminishes, the disadvantage of not having readily accessible transportation can pose a problem. In the age of rideshare applications and self-driving vehicles, the issue of driving can become completely alleviated for seniors.

As companies like Apple and Tesla finish the final stages of their self-automated vehicle prototypes, many senior citizens may find themselves among the first purchasers of self-driving cars.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications are a pretty broad medium that benefits just about anyone in some way if they find the right one. Today, many apps exclusively for senior citizens now exist for them to experience this same level of ease in their lives.

With just a few taps of a touchscreen, seniors can keep track of their groceries, find their lost phone or keys, and even organize their pillbox for the week while setting reminders to take their daily dosage. As the market for mobile apps expands further, seniors will be able to take part in this technological movement while making their lives easier at the same time.

Smart Home Technology

The potential to control fridge temperatures, light brightness and ceiling fan speeds makes simple tasks even easier for those who might lack the physical capabilities to conduct them. While these might not seem like such a big deal to an able-bodied individual, a home managed via a Smart Home device network can reduce the physical stress of seniors dramatically.

Video Chat

While this concept is adaptable to a form of an augmented reality experience, the technology to speak to someone face-to-face without being in their presence now exists. Video chat services can be extremely convenient for seniors with limitations to their mobility.

For seniors dealing with legal issues or medical issues that don’t warrant close-up examination, mediums like Skype and Facetime make it possible for them to communicate with the necessary individuals without leaving the house.