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5 Unbeatable Apps for Business Management


Managing your business requires you to follow all the latest technology. You never know when the perfect app will come on-line to improve your productivity and increase your bottom line. Here’s a list of five unbeatable apps for business management.

Microsoft Office Mobile

microsoft office mobile

As of late 2014, 64 percent of all American adults owned a smartphone. Each year, the lines blur more between using a laptop and using smartphone. Business managers in particular find themselves away from the office a great deal of the time. Having the ability to access all your important documents and make modifications on the road is an invaluable resource. Best of all, the Office mobile app is free, although it’s intended to work in combination with the desktop version of the software.


mailbox android app

Do you sometimes feel like a slave to your emails? One of the drawbacks of upper management is that your level of email communication matches the number of people with whom you interact on a monthly basis. You can avoid feeling overwhelmed by using this simple collation app. It accumulates all of your missives and empowers you to organize them by order of importance. You can push down anything that isn’t pressing and prioritize those few emails that matter to your company’s immediate success. Mailbox is a free download on Google Play.


pushover app

Of course, not all of your messages are emails. Push technology means that all of your smartphones and tablets are trying to deliver the notifications you requested plus texts from co-workers and business associates. Pushover operates as a storage center for all this data. It gives you the ability to reduce the number of notifications you receive on your smartphone while still keeping the access of your data a few swipes away. As a special bonus, it also integrates brilliantly with IFTTT, an app connection program that is ascending in popularity. Pushover costs $4.99 to purchase.

Expense Manager

expense manager android app

While you’re out and about, you’re going to accumulate expenses. Without access to your regular financial software, you’ll worry about whether you’re spending too much. Expense Manager solves the problem by providing on-the-go tracking of all your entrepreneurial transactions. After you’ve recorded your expenses, the app will provide handy charts and graphs to reveal the areas where you’re spending too much money. Such visualization tools are much easier to understand quickly, a desirable trait while you’re traveling. Expense Manager is also free and available on top smartphones like the LG G4.


wrike app

Interacting with your employees is the most important part of your work week. Your leadership and guidance will propel them toward long, successful careers. Wrike is software that understands the importance of this dynamic. It focuses on collaborative task management that encourages communication between you and team members.

You set up a series of tasks assigned among employees. In combination, they become larger projects. Wrike allows you to track the progress on each job, and it even gives your co-workers the ability to suggest enhancements via the software, improving the speed of feedback. Check their site for pricing options.

Managing a team of professionals is easier than ever thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones. Simply download the apps above, and you’ll dramatically increase your productivity.