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6 Benefits Of Rewarding Employees


Think of a day when someone appreciated you for something you did for them. It is such an amazing feeling to know they consider you as a valuable being. This is the same impact any form of recognition or reward will do to an employee after a job well done. When an employee is appreciated, they not only feel happy for themselves, but they also desire to do better every day; this is a good thing for your business. Before you learn more about the importance of employee’s appreciation, learn some different ways you can appreciate your employees for their welfare and the improvement of your organization.

How To Recognize And Reward Employees

  • Applause

You can praise an employee either through word of mouth or by writing a note telling them you are grateful for their efforts at work. It will not cost you anything, but it will uplift your employee’s spirit knowing that he is valued.

  • Showcasing

Allow your best employees to have an opportunity to lead others by example after some projects based on performance. You can reward your monthly or annual winners on the leaderboard with a voucher, travel ticket, or even a trophy to encourage others to do better.

  • Making Them Responsible

The responsibilities you trust your employees to do also shows how much you believe in them. Never underestimate any employee because they will feel demotivated.

  • Planning events

Appreciate your employees by throwing them small parties to celebrate their or the company’s achievements. This can be after a regular period or after a huge business closure.

  • Gifts

Everyone loves gifts, especially during their major life occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, graduations and anniversaries, among others. If you remember them this way, they will always feel valued.

  • Be flexible

When employees work overtime without complaining, or complete a very demanding task, appreciate them by allowing them some few hours to relax, or a day off to spend with their loved ones. In times of emergencies, be willing to excuse them as long it is not overdone. Make sure you can protect your employees from burnouts whenever it’s possible.

What Benefits Do You Earn After Appreciating Employees?

1. Improved Performance

When an employee is appreciated and believes that whatever he is doing is valued, there will be a definite increase in productivity. They will become more proactive and efficient, and when one is recognized for their efforts, it’s possible that others will be motivated too and, therefore, improving the overall performance.

2. Satisfaction At Work

When you recognize a job well done by an employee, you will be declaring that the work they are doing is not only good for them but also for the business. The employee will be very happy waking up every day to do a job that he loves and a job that is making a difference to his employer.

3. Boost Employee Happiness

Happiness is a positive feeling that would encourage every person to do better in whatever they are doing. When employees are treated with gratitude and respect, they will be happy with their job and therefore develop the willingness to return the favor by adding extra efforts. A positive working environment will always leave everyone happy and productive.

4. Loyalty

Apart from compensation, appreciation for the work done is another way that would help you as an employer to retain employees and earn their loyalty. Also, when employees are satisfied with the job environment you provide, they will not feel burdened to market or recommend your brand to other people.

5. Long-Lasting Impression

Rewarding and appreciating employees, in whatever way, leaves a long-lasting impression because they know that you not only care about your business, but them too. They will want to return the favor by doing much better, and the cycle continues leaving everyone happy and more productive than before.

6. Improves The Overall Business Environment

Recognition and rewards in an organization make employees feel better about themselves, and this is the best business environment you can create as an employer. The rewards that are usually provided to groups, teams or departments after completing a certain project also improves team culture in the organization. Everyone will be willing to see the positive attributes of the other person and therefore value their opinion. Such relationships create an overall healthier workplace.

Everyone loves being appreciated when they do something good. Sometimes it doesn’t have to cost anything because recognizing a job well done is all that matters. However, giving a reward when possible will produce better results.