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Apps That Will Make You Feel Smarter


Nowadays, people spend too much time looking at their smartphones rather than experiencing the world around them. However, it’s also true that mobile apps have created a lot more functionality in recent times than simply producing noises or tracking down a cheating partner.

Furthermore, designers, in conjunction with neuroscientists, psychologists, mathematicians and other scientists have found clever ways to create Apps that increase IQ levels, improve emotional intelligence, and provide tools to retain memory while sustaining the sound effects and animated graphics we love so much.

Regal Wins Casino App

If you are a gaming enthusiast, Regal Wins Casino App could very much interest you. This innovative casino site boasts a plethora of games, loaded with crisp graphics and beautiful animations. From slots, blackjack, roulette to other entertaining card games, you are bound to learn new strategies that can enhance your development. What’s more? You can access the app at any convenient time on your tablet or smartphone, as long as you have a good internet connection!


Did you know that Ted was an app? Ted Talk has been the hub of inspiration for several years now. You can scroll through their library and access over 2,000 videos from amazing people all over the world. It’s one of the best ways to gain knowledge, as well as learn the secrets from those who have found tremendous success in their domain. However, this incredible app is presently available for iOS and Android devices only.


It’s simple to let the surge of listicles and bite-sized news wash over you all day long. However, for those who prefer to read stories with a little more depth, Longform is the one which might interest them. This interesting app is like an RSS feed uniquely for great long-form journalism. It enables you to follow publications and individual writers, as well as curates a series of “best of” lists and staff picks. It’s a free app which can be downloaded at any time.


Duolingo has been rated one of the best apps of 2019 by Apple. It gamifies the entire process of learning a different language, serving up small and short lessons so that you’re never exhausted. It is also a great fun to conjugate verbs than it ever was under the eye of a quirky high school teacher. The app also doesn’t just support your run-of-the-mill Germanic expressions, it offers lessons in everything from Esperanto to Russian.

Khan Academy

Ever thought of having an entire university’s worth of academics at your fingertips? Look no further than Khan Academy. This fun app provides access to over 10,000 videos that explain countless things you might have snoozed on in school, from math to economics and finance, history to science and the arts and humanities. What’s the interesting part though? There is no homework to do. So, whatever you’re interested in, the app gives you mini teaching lessons.

It has been said that ‘’Knowledge has a beginning but no end’’. Maybe, the apps above could be many peoples’ beginning. The future of the human race might be thankful for them!