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BBM for Android – PC/Windows/iOS/Mac


BBM is an iconic app that had spread millions of smiles on blackberry user’s faces just like how whatsapp for pc has done lately. It is great news that Blackberry has shaken hands with the android platform. The results of this pact are very healthy the android users can now easily download BBM at their disposal. The users can now also get BBM for PC. This can be done with the help an android emulator and we will discuss this part later in the article.

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Before proceeding to the downloading part, let us learn some more facts about BBM and why is it so special to the phone users. BBM is a highly rated app that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone now. It integrates with your facebook account and other networks, which is a great advantage of using BBM. Earlier, only the blackberry users could enjoy the likes of BBM but it is an easy reach for the android users and others these days.

In the days when BBM was a dedicated app for the blackberry users, the app enjoyed great success. However, its growth in the market was obstructed by the surge of android platform. However, after shaking hands with the android platform, BBM is again one of the most popular apps in the app market.

A substantial number of messaging apps have reached the market but the legacy of BBM remains. It is one of the first few messaging apps that existed in the time. The features of BBM are classically placed and call for excellence. The users can share videos, upload videos, text their friends and do a lot of other stuff absolutely free of cost. This is what makes BBM even more special.  Even though, there are great number of other messaging options available in the market, BBM is still the preferred app.

Here are some of the vital features of BBM for PC:

    1. Videos, along with the audio can be sent through devices enabled with BBM.
    2. Pictures can also be shared using BBM for PC.
    3. Everything that you do in BBM is for free.
    4. You can easily figure out when the other person reads your text.
    5. It integrates fairly well with the social media platforms and hence, it becomes easier for the user to post something through BBM on his social media.

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Downloading BBM for PC

In order to download BBM for PC, you need the help of an android emulator. It works as a mediator between the user and the android app. Once you have found out the app on such android platform, you can easily download the desired app. BBM can be downloaded using BlueStacks emulator and below are the steps for the same:

  1. Installing BlueStacks software is the first step that you need to consider.
  2. After installing the former, you can look up for the app you want in its search bar.
  3. Click on the app icon, and then the install button.
  4. This starts the downloading process which may take some time.
  5. After a few minutes, your app would be available for use on your PC.