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Kakaotalk for PC – Android/Mac/Windows/iOS


Kakaotalk is one of the leading free messaging apps at present. It enables the user to have either a one on one chat or with a substantial number of friends throughout the world. The Free Call button that comes in the app makes it all possible. You can potentially talk to anyone you want to, without considering the distance constraint.

Kakaotalk has a great number of users throughout the world. It is an android app and hence, in order to download it on your PC, you would need a useful help of an android emulator. Android emulator is simply a software that lets you download the PC version of any android app that you like. The developers of Kakaotalk have made sure that the PC version of the app is as entertaining as the original version.

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Features of Kakaotalk:

  1. As many as five people are allowed to talk with you at once. This service is absolutely free and this is the major reason for Kakaotalk being the most sought after app in the market.
  2. Talking Tom and Talking Ben voice animators make your experience on Kakaotalk even more special.
  3. The pictures, contact info or voice notes can be sent easily with the help of Kakaotalk. It doesn’t matter where your friends are while sending them the messages.
  4. The best feature in Kakaotalk remains to be the polling part. You can make a chatroom and plan an event with your friends with the help of polling. . All the features that come with the Kakaotalk app are very special and worth a mention.
  5. The Friends stickers and animated emoticons make sure that your chat is never boring.
  6. Kakaotalk is a wonderful app for the introverts too, as they can express so much more with the help of features embedded in the app.
  7. The users can also create their own theme by posting the favored images in the theme. This makes your Kakaotalk profile exclusive for you.
  8. The custom theme feature that comes with the app lets you transform your wallpaper, chat bubbles, font and much more

How to download Kakaotalk for PC:

As we already discussed above that we would need the assistance of an android emulator in order to download Kakaotalk for PC. The android emulator that we will use in this case is BlueStacks. It is one of the most sought after android emulators. BlueStacks needs to be installed for the PC and it is a part of the downloading process of Kakaotalk for PC.

Here are the steps:

  1. Install BlueStacks for your PC. This can be done via visiting the official website of the emulator.
  2. Run BlueStacks after downloading it for your PC.
  3. Go to its search section and type in the name of the app you want to install, i.e., Kakaotalk.
  4. Once the icon of the app appears, make sure you click on the Install button.
  5. In a few minutes, your app will be downloaded for your PC.