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Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC- Android/Windows/Mac/iOS


Plants VS Zombies 2 was regarded as one of the most awaited games of the season. The great hype and buzz that was made before the launch of the game have been proved absolutely right by the developers of the game. Plants VS Zombies 2 is an addictive action game and keeps you engaged for hours.  It is a popular game among smartphone users but its sheer popularity has simulated the developers to launch Plants VS Zombies 2. Additionally, video game gambling is becoming more popular and with CSGO gambling sites like https://csgobook.com/ where players can gamble with cryptocurrencies, skins and real money which is also applicable to Plants vs Zombies as well.

The Plants VS Zombies 2 for PC version of the game is as good as the smartphone version and even better. The first version of Plants VS Zombies was entertaining and fun but Plants VS Zombies 2 has raised the entertainment level notches higher. The leak points of the last version have been dutifully improved in this version. This is what makes Plants VS Zombies 2 a very special game.

There was a great roar involving the launch of the game and the fans had been anxiously waiting for the second version of the popular game Plants VS Zombies come out. When the game was out in the market, it did not disappoint anyone. The experts, the users everyone was entertained by the game and mostly the youth went gaga about the game on social media platform.

Thanks to the success of the first version, the marketers of the game employed unique promotional patterns that attracted the attention of one and many. Plants VS Zombies 2 was released on 18 July 2013 in a count of total 137 countries. The launching of this game is actually regarded as one of the biggest launching for the game.

Let us discuss some of the important features of the game, before getting on to the downloading part.

Plants and Zombies 2

1. The best part about Plants VS Zombies 2 is its in-app coin purchasing segment. It enables the user to reap the best advantage of the game. This is one improved point in this version as compared to its predecessor.

2. The critics have lauded the game in open and the users like it too.

3. Social media integration takes the level of the game reach to a high level.

4. The speed of the zombies can be increased in the game too.

5. It is basically the graphics of the game that steal the show in the end. They are fantastic to say the least.

Downloading Plants vs Zombies 2 For PC

For downloading Plants VS Zombies 2 For PC, you need to install an android emulator called Genymotion. It helps you to download any android app that you want in your PC. Here are the steps of actually downloading the game:

1. The first step that you need to follow is the downloading of the Genymotion software. It smoothens the process of taking an android app in your PC.

2. Open the Genymotion software and look for the Plants VS Zombies 2 app in its search box.

3. Click on the Install button once the app shows in results and you have clicked on the icon of the app.

4. It takes a few minutes and the app is downloaded on your PC without any worries.