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WeChat for PC- Android/Windows/Mac/iOS


WeChat is one of the most popular android apps among the ones that deal with free messaging. The forced competition in the recent past has inspired the developers to make even better versions for free messaging apps. WeChat for PC is very interactive and has a user friendly interface that helps the user to understand the functions of the app without any worries.

The hard work of developers in making the app can be felt when looking at the features of the same.  Out of many messaging apps available in the market like WhatApp for pc, WeChat stands out with command. It relies mostly on its wonderful features that make messaging very simple and fun at the same time. WeChat is the best way to connect to your friends or known ones.

WeChat has employed great promotional campaigns for the popularity of the app and it has resulted in a huge profit for the app. As many as 100 million users are now connected to WeChat and the number is strongly growing as more people get to know about the app. The best part about WeChat is that it operates very well with almost all the operating systems available in the market, including the likes of Blackberry, Nokia, Symbian and Windows.

Let us talk a bit more about the features of the app. Here are they:

1. Video chat option is available with WeChat and hence the conversations are more entertaining and fun because of that. This feature can also be used by business professionals to talk to their counterparts with video chat.

2. The users can share videos, pictures and other multimedia without any hassles.

3. The heavy range of stickers and emoticons also help WeChat app to stand out from the crowd of free messaging apps.

4. The shake feature available with WeChat is one of the best highlights of WeChat. With the help of it, the users can view the people who are using the same app at the same time. It is a very helpful feature that helps you to find people to meet.

WeChat can be downloaded for PC with the help of android emulators. One of the android emulators that we will employ in order to download the app is Genymotion.

Here are the steps for the same

1. BlueStacks installer is needed in the installation of WeChat for PC. BlueStacks can be downloaded from the official website of the same. It is recommended to download the installer from its official website only.

2. Once BlueStacks has appeared up on the system, you can simply open the installer and look for the app you need in its search bar. In this case WeChat for example.

3. After you click on the search option. The app that you are looking for, comes up on the screen.

4. You need to click on the install button situated next to the app icon.

5. After clicking on the Install button, the downloading of the app starts by itself and takes a few minutes. In a few minutes, you can enjoy your favorite app on your PC.