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Hosting Issues And Their Relation To SEO


A website is a must in today’s times for all businesses. It is a place where users can look at the products and/or services offered by you along with your brand’s values and other important details. Having said that, there are millions of websites vying for the attention of all online users. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your site offers a great experience to site visitors. Among other factors, choosing the right web host is crucial for the performance of your website. Today, we will talk about some common hosting issues and how they impact the SEO of your site.

1. Page Load Times

In a research done by Kissmetrics, users expect websites to load with blazing speeds:

  • 47% of the users expect a website to load in less than two seconds
  • If the website does not load within three seconds, then 40% of the users abandon it

Further, Google considers loading time before assigning a page rank to your website. Therefore, a slow site would imply unhappy customers and poor visibility. While there are many factors that contribute to the speed of your site, the efficiency of the hosting server plays an important role. Therefore, you must choose a web host who has the technical architecture to offer optimum page load speeds.

2. Frequent Downtime

Downtimes can be detrimental to any website. From losing revenue to reputation, a site that is frequently down, does not create the impression of a reliable brand. Also, most search engine spiders visit your website regularly to index the site. If they find your website to be down, then it impacts your search engine rankings. Hence, you must look for a provider who offers a 99.9%+ uptime assurance.

3. Issues relating to Connectivity

Some websites face errors like the database connection failing or internal server errors which basically show up when the site loses its connection with the server. Without getting into the reasons, if your site faces these errors regularly, then many search engines will flag your site as unreliable leading to lower page rank. Pay close attention to the quality of servers deployed by the provider before buying a hosting plan.

4. Buying an Incorrect Hosting Type

Website owners have many hosting options to choose from like Cloud Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers, Shared Hosting, etc. Each of these hosting types offers certain advantages and disadvantages and hence, it is important to select the hosting type which is best suited to your website. Assess the hosting requirements of your website and take all aspects into consideration before finalizing the hosting type.


In recent years, Cloud Hosting has evolved as the preferred hosting type due to its SEO-friendliness. With an integrated Content Delivery Network (CDNs) and caching server like Varnish Cache to boost the loading speed, 99.99%+ uptimes and a state-of-the-art architecture, good providers ensure that your website offers a great user experience and also a high page rank. Before you decide a hosting type and/or a provider, ensure that you take all these aspects into consideration. Good Luck!