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Is Mobile Spying App for Kids Worth Buying?


Many parents worry about what their kids are getting up to on their smartphones, but most don’t really have a way of finding out. Incidentally, 70% parents have admitted that they if there existed a way for them to keep informed about what goes on in their kid’s devices, they would use it. Thankfully for those parents, the solution exists in the form of a mobile spying app called XNSPY. This simple software gives parents the transparency they want in order to make better parenting decisions. Here’s a walkthrough of the app that explains all its workings.


Layout and Design

XNSPY is simple enough in layout, but it favors its web portal more than the mobile one. Their online control panel is much easier to navigate through. The different features it offers are much better accessed from here. Everything that is recorded from the cell phone spy app is stored in different categories. There is a separate page for each category which makes data mining for parents a lot easier. Accessing this through mobile is a little trickier, probably because they don’t have a working mobile control panel yet. So if you’re not near a laptop or a computer screen, monitoring might becoming hard work.

Mobile Spying Features


XNSPY has got a lot of features listed on their website, and you’ll notice how each one has its own section in the control panel. Each one spies a different app/function of the phone, for example:

  • Text message monitoring includes recording all SMS, WhatsApp conversations, Viber chats, Skype messages, iMessages, Facebook messages and Line chats.
  • Call monitoring includes call recording and looking at call logs
  • Web monitoring included looking at browsing history
  • You’re also able to see saved apps, photos, videos and audios on the phone
  • You can view calendar events

What’s one standout? The Watchlist feature. Here you can mark the suspicious contacts, numbers or words and receive alerts about them.

What’s one drawback? There is no monitoring feature for social media apps like Twitter, Vine, Pinterest or Snapchat.

Is it Worth it?

All in all, the app will provide you with enough information to help you figure out your child’s digital habits. You get to know who they are in contact with and what content is contained in their phones. This makes it more advanced than regular mobile spying apps and definitely worth buying.