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Modern Use Of Old-Style Technologies


Technology has undoubtedly accompanied mankind throughout its evolution, lending a hand in our progress throughout the centuries.

Definitively, technology functions by benefitting society and making life easier for people in general, such as a fan cooling someone on a hot day, an elevator taking people up and down within seconds, or even a simple pen writing on paper.

From the humble fire to everybody’s smartphone, technology has progressed alongside man in terms of complexity, continually building up on top of its predecessors. While people often use the latest iterations of technology, there are those who still use the older versions.

While there are several reasons as to why people do this, such as functionality and security, one of the main reasons today is that older technology is coming back in style, giving off their vintage and retro aesthetics.

Polaroid Cameras

Back when pictures still used film, you had to wait to get your pictures since they still had to be developed using various chemicals in a dark room.

While one can easily have their pictures taken from their smartphones then printed from printers in their own homes, nothing could quite beat the instant pictures that Polaroid cameras deliver.

People these days are gravitating towards this old piece of technology because of the vintage vibe Polaroid pictures provide. However, there is another reason why some people would recommend Polaroid cameras: security.

While having the ability to store your pictures online is indeed a convenience, the fact that your pictures are saved online means that they are vulnerable to attacks. On the other hand, the security of your Polaroid pictures will ultimately depend on where you hide your pictures.

Fax Machines

One may think that sending entire documents can now be relied solely on email alone, but there are people who actually prefer to send files the old-fashion way: fax machines.

Real fax machines work by sending information via frequency tones through the telephone lines, as opposed to over the internet as email does. While email does have its perks, the main reason people are going back to use fax machines is also for security.

Email and other web-based forms of communication are vulnerable to data theft from hackers. On the other hand, fax machines are relatively safe.

A modern take on the fax machine is merging fax machine technology with the internet itself, which is why you can send fax to email with faxburner.com.

Landline Phones

Once a staple in every home, the landline phone was the only way you could connect with other people far away. With the advent of cellular phones, there really was no need to keep the landline around.

However, much like the reason for the comeback of the fax machine, the landline phone remains the more secure option as compared to the cellular phone. Also, the wired connectivity of landline provides a clearer and stronger connection, compared to cellular communication.

VHS and Cassette Tapes

With movies and music being available to be streamed or downloaded from the internet essentially anytime of the day, there really shouldn’t be any more reason why VHS and cassette tapes still exist, right?

Well, it turns out that many households still hold on to these storage devices pretty tightly and one main reason is nostalgia.

While these forms of technology are considered by most to be obsolete, they cannot deny that many home videos, mixtapes and memories are tied to these items.

No one with a heart can get rid of the VHS of their baby’s first steps, first birthday party, or the cassette tape they listened to when they were teenagers.


It seems the only place you can still see pagers being used would be on medical drama TV shows. Pagers are a relatively old form of communication and have pretty much been replaced with the arrival of cellular phones.

However, there is one department that it is superior when pitted against a modern smartphone: reliability. Functioning on its own separate server, data and information are both sent and received faster and more reliably in pagers than in cell phones.

Vinyl Records

A major breakthrough in the music industry, the vinyl record was one of the first formats for music storage. However, the format has changed multiple times throughout history, such as CDs and even Cloud-based storage.

But even though current formats for music storage is indefinitely more convenient than what was available before, there has always been a deep admiration for vinyl records.

One reason for its longevity within culture is the atmosphere this piece of old technology can provide. However, another reason for the vinyl record’s popularity can be attributed to dedicated audiophiles who have a deep appreciation for this analog type of music storage.


As long as they suit your needs, it wouldn’t matter what kind of technology you use. In the long run, what matters the most is what you are comfortable using and what works for you, whether it is old or new technology.