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New Technologies That Can Improve Your Health


Each and everyday technology throughout the world is changing. Just think about the time before the Internet and iPhones existed. While many people claim that all this technology is just making the world lazier, obese, and unhealthy you might be surprised to learn that technology is leading to many great health inventions that can help you monitor and improve your daily life. After all, you only get one life and you should live the one that you get to the fullest and stay as healthy as possible. Below you will learn about some of the innovative inventions and how they can improve your way of living.

Blood Glucose Monitor 

America and Europe is dealing with an obesity crisis, which is often blamed on sugary snacks and fast foods. With this said, there are many different conditions that are linked to obesity, with diabetes mellitus being the main one. This is a metabolic disease that result in high blood glucose levels. There are several different types of diabetes, Type I develops in young children and Type II can develop at any age. Uncontrolled diabetes is linked to a wide range of complications, including foot ulcers, blindness, heart disease, chronic kidney failure and stroke.

In the past, people with diabetes relied on the onset of symptoms of blood workup to monitor their blood glucose levels. However, this is now a thing of the past, thanks to the revolutionary blood glucose monitor. The individual will stick their finger with a lancet and a drop of the blood on a glucose stick, which is inserted into the monitor. Within seconds the results will be rendered, so the individual can determine whether or not to take an insulin injection.

Pulse Ox Meter

Individuals suffering from respiratory illnesses will suffer frequent asthma attacks, hypoxemia and shortness of breath. Many of these individuals have become so accustomed to these complications that they are capable of treating them at home. Instead of disrupting their entire life, they utilize a small pulse ox meter to monitor their oxygen levels and heart rate. When the oxygen level drops below 90 percent, the individual will follow up with a breathing treatment and oxygen. The pulse ox meter will definitely spare the asthma and COPD sufferer from needing to visit the emergency room every time they exhibit symptoms. 


There was a time long ago that lung cancer was considered to a rare disease. In fact, it was so rare that doctors made great note when they encountered an individual with this disease. However, cigarettes can along and took the world by storm. Now, millions of individuals die each year due to these products. This is not to say that if cigarettes never came along that lung cancer wouldn’t be a serious problem, but studies show that 95% of lung cancer cases can be prevented.

E-cigarettes are a fairly new invention that uses eliquid instead of tobacco to give users their fix. This product does not contain the same harmful chemicals that can be found in cigarettes and are a much safer alternative to smoking.