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Proprietary Software – Why Companies Use It?


The online world has a great importance in the lives of many people as we live in a global world. The emergence of online companies has increased the demand of software. While many companies prefer to buy existing software for practical reasons, others prefer to have developers create their own software for convenient reasons. Let’s see why companies choose to use proprietary software.

Hiring developers for software production is cost effective. Indeed, the company has to pay the developers, however the software are theirs and therefore don’t need to be renewed. The developers will design the software and make it usable, so that the company can use it daily. Plus, companies can also sell the application to other companies, which can be sold for much higher, because of its licence. Furthermore, having a software which has been made from the scratch, make it easier to use; no additional people need to be hired to train others as the developers themselves can handle that task.

Your company also has a competitive advantage over all of the competitors. And this advantage stays with your company the bigger it becomes. Other competitor companies won’t have access to your proprietary software, thus they will always be behind you. At the same time, your design and software will always have the ‘fresh’ impact of customers. They will see your company as one which has something of its own, instead of copying from others. This keeps customers more interested in your products and services, which creates a long-term customer relationship. One such online brand which has known success because of its proprietary software is Kitty Bingo. This top online bingo site has been developed from square one using a unique software. Thanks to that, the layout and designs of the site is absolutely unique. This site is famous because it is like an oasis of newness when people have been looking at bingo sites which look alike.


Having existing developers make it easier to have usual updates or add-ons on the software instead of having to contact the initial owner or having to buy updates. The company is therefore more flexible. As the business grow, potential customers will want to see new changes of the existing software. The customised software developed by your own developers is more apt to instant changes, which will reassure customers. Seeing that your company is up to date and ready for change will make them trust you as a company, and will create satisfaction. Customers will keep coming back to your company as they know they can always find something exceptional and new, each time.

Proprietary software is also safer for companies. Built from nick, these software uses own codes and privacy regulations. Thus, it is not easily hackable and might as well have some impenetrable security measures. Proprietary software, unlike open source software, make use of source codes which is closely kept secret. This makes it less likely to be the target of hackers or programmers.