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Pumpic App Review – Mobile Monitoring and Parental Control App


Pumpic kids monitoring software is designed to help keep your children safe both in digital and the real world. With it, parents can quickly identify potential dangers and avert them at early stages, thus, making their kid’s mobile device usage a safe and pleasant experience. Whether you need to protect your kids from online predatorsor cyberbullying, secure their privacy or simplystay aware of their current whereabouts – Pumpic app is the clue.

Depending on the mobile platform (iOS or Android) of the device you wish to monitor and selected subscription plan, the directory of what you can monitor with thePumpic app may list:

  • Communications – calls, SMS, MMS, popular instant messengers (Facebook IM, Skype, Kik, WhatsApp, etc.);
  • Location data – current location, route history, geofences;
  • Internet activity – social networks,browsing history, bookmarks;
  • Multimedia – videos and photos shot with the device camera or downloaded;
  • Other – calendar, notes, contacts, etc.

Solutions and Compatibility

Technically, Pumpic has two solutions – for iOS and Android. The strategic distinction between them (apart from being developed for the different mobile platforms) is that the iOS solution doesn’t require app installation as it works via iCloud. Thus, the monitoring of Apple devices can be performed stealthily while Android smartphones and tablets will be equipped with the visible (but password-protected) application. Let’s have a more detailed look at each solution.

iOS (iCloud):

  • Supported iOS versions: 6.0 – 10+;
  • Works without jailbreak;
  • No app installation is necessary;
  • iCloud Password – required
  • Physical access to the target device might be needed to check iCloud/backup settings;
  • 11 monitoring features (view all iCloud features).

DigitalEDGE resolution: Though the number of tracked items is not quite-so-overwhelming, Pumpic for iOS provides users with the most important monitoring data without making them mess with complicated technical issues.


  • Supported Android versions: 2.2 – 6+;
  • The broad variety of functions is available without root. Root might be needed, though, for some monitoring features;
  • Physical access to the target device is required to install the app. In case you opt to root the device, you will need to have the device in your hands as well;
  • The visible app is installed. It is protected from removal or any changes with a PIN;
  • 15 monitoring features for Basic subscription / 26 monitoring features for Premium subscription (view all Android features).

DigitalEDGE resolution: Pumpic for Android has an impressive set of monitored items, especially when we talk about the rooted target device. The solution provides parents with an almost 360° view of their kid’s online activity plus allows to set geofences.

TIP: Before purchasing Pumpic, check out their Demo pages to have a closer look at each solution’s functionality and interface – iOS (iCloud) demo / Android demo.


The app has straightforward pricing for its subscriptions. Pumpic cost is:

  • iOS (iCloud) and Android Premium solutions come at the same price of $6,99/month for a one-year subscription plan ($83,99/year);
  • One-year Android Basicsubscription plan costs just $5,99/month ($63,99/year).

While shorter subscription packages (for 1, 3 or 6 months) are also available, the price per month jumps up considerably.

TIP: Currently Pumpic offers 40% off for every second subscription plan.

Installation and Support

For both iOS (iCloud) and Android solutions, Pumpic sends out a detailed step-by-step illustrated installation guide. They claim the whole process would take no more than 5 minutes. This might be fair for iCloud setup, but dealing with Android takes two-three times longer. Anyway, one should thoroughly follow instructions, and the installation would pass along without problems.

Yet, if any difficulties occur, one can contact Pumpic Customer Support Team:

  • By email at [email protected];
  • Via Live Chat on the site (available from 10 AM to 10 PM EDT);
  • By phone (913) 717-6477 (available from 10 AM to 10 PM EDT).

Control Panel App

For parents who wish to view monitoring information on the go, Pumpic has supplementary applications for iOS and Android. They display only a part of collected data, but the most important one: calls, texts, location tracking,browsing history, and contacts. Thus, information piling and memory cutbackare prevented.

Control Panel App - screenshot


Pumpic parental app offers quite broad monitoring capabilities at a reasonable cost. iOS (iCloud) solution provides the key monitoring insights, is easy to set up and use. Android solution needs rooting the target device in order to make the most of its wide tracking and management functionality. The outline is that parents who decide to digitally keep an eye on their children would definitely appreciate how Pumpic makes their life and parenting easier.