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Showbox for Android – PC/Windows/Mac/iOS


Showbox is an android app that goes well with the movie buffs. It enables the users to store all the movies that they want in their pocket. Showbox can only be installed on an android platform and not any other operating system. It is possible to download this app on PC as well.

Showbox makes it easy for the users to view the movies that they desire at their finger clicks. It is a very popular android app that is favored by the movie buffs in order to check out the movie that they desire at the comfort of their smartphones.

This app works very well with the computers as its definitely more fun watching a movie on bigger screen than the tiny screen of a smartphone. No official version of this app has come in the market yet but it can be downloaded through another way.

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Features of Showbox for PC:

  1. It is a great platform to see movies online.
  2. It is simply a one stop shop for the movie buffs. You can search any movie you desire and the rich database of Showbox makes sure you view the movie you favor to watch.
  3. Almost all the popular movies are present on Showbox.
  4. The movies can be filtered based on the user ratings.
  5. You can also try to find movies based on the genre of the film.
  6. The interface of the app is minimalistic and it’s easy to use.
  7. The additional info about the movie like the name of the director, name of the actors, etc can also be seen by the user while operating the Showbox app. Most of the movie apps only show the movie but with no info about the movie. Gathering the info about the movie before viewing gives you an idea of what to expect from the film and it is deemed important for many movie buffs.

How to download Showbox for PC:

Showbox for PC can be downloaded with the help of an android emulator. In this case, we will employ the use of BlueStacks, which is basically the best android emulator on the web. It works as a catalyst to download android apps on your PC without any major problems. Most of the users prefer this android emulator to install their favored android apps on their PC. Here are some of the steps to download Showbox for PC:

  1. The BlueStacks software needs to be downloaded in order to install Showbox for PC.
  2. BlueStacks works as a catalyst for the installation of the android app.
  3. After downloading BlueStacks for your PC from its official website, you can try searching for the app.
  4. After clicking on the search button, the results appear up showing the app.
  5. Click on the install button situated right next to the app icon.
  6. Wait for a few seconds and your favorite app ‘Showbox’ would be downloaded on your PC.
  7. You can run the app by going to the My Apps section of BlueStacks.