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Smart Spending: 10 Technology Investment Ideas Worth Looking Into


In a world where saving your money is the only way to build a legacy, smart spending may be the key. Perhaps an investment into the world of technology is the answer? Find out more, here…

The future of technology is a bright one, there’s no denying that. Our society is steadily becoming more and more reliant on a technological world, and new developments are being made at every turn. So, how can you become part of this story?

Perhaps you’re an investor looking to buy shares in a company? Or, maybe you want to become a partner or owner of a budding tech company, and require some tupe advice and investment advice to get you started? Whatever your situation, investing smartly is the key to boosting your success.

With future technologies looking to grow and change over the next few decades, it seems that technology may be a safe avenue to head down. To learn more about why the tech industry is worth looking into for investment opportunities, you came to the right place…

Why Is An Investment In Tech A Smart Idea?

Before we take a look at some of the areas of technology to invest in, why is this such a good idea? After all, with the ever-changing world of tech that we live in, can we really predict what changes will be made in the future?

In actual fact, with developments heading in the current direction, there are many areas of tech which are pretty clearly set to grow. This makes the technology sector one of the largest worth investing; there are simply so many different areas of interest you could go down.

What’s more, tech is absolutely everywhere these days, and this trend is not set to stop any time soon. So, with society requiring new and exciting technologies to make their lives easier, and to keep them connected, growth doesn’t look likely to slow down.

Generally, one of the key reasons many people like to invest in this sector is that there’s no real need to invest big. Due to the huge returns that technology can bring, there’s no need to make massive investments to yield a profitable return. Clearly, the technology sector is one to watch!

10 Areas Of Technology To Make An Investment Into

Now that we’ve decided to invest in technology, there are so many avenues you could potentially take. Here, we’ve provided 10 potential areas of the world of technology which might be worth looking into for potential investment:

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is being talked about more and more within the commercial sphere. It can be defined as intelligence shown by machines, which can be ingrained into the system manually, or learnt and developed over time.

Right now, AI is currently being used across the world in numerous ways. For example, smart homes, which have the ability to learn from your actions over time, can be classed as a very simple version of Artificial Intelligence.

With AI becoming trialled more so within the day-to-day lives of the public, who knows what developments will be made in the decades to come? Some even say that, by 2050, people will be able to “resurrect” their loved ones through AI interfaces!

2. Self-Driving Cars

Along a similar vein to AI, self-driving cars are another product which is likely to become big in a few years’ time. After all, not only will these be electric, so will provide a more sustainable alternative to getting around, they’re simply easier to use. Some surveys have even shown that around 55 percent of small business owners think their fleets will be made up purely of AI cars in 20 years’ time!

That’s not all though, as some companies are also attempting to make this as safe as possible through the use of AI. Cars being able to “speak” to one another, and sense their environmental surroundings, provides hope that crashes can be avoided. With human error being one of the main causes of car crashes across the world, could this eliminate car accidents completely?

3. Smart Home Technology

Smart Homes have become massive in recent years, whether it be a simple Alexa device to provide facts, music, and weather reports on demand, or full-blown systems for the entire home. Nowadays, smart homes are so sophisticated that you can control everything with just the click of a button, even when you’re not in the house yourself!

The possibilities are truly remarkable, but how could this get any better? Well, experts within the industry predict that, by 2022, 63 million American houses will be completely smart, and connected to the internet. It seems to be a no brainer!

4. Social Media

Another viable technology for investment, which has been being used for nearly two decades now, is social media. Because of the longevity of these systems, you would think their growth would have reached a standstill by now. In that, you’d be wrong.

Social media, including the likes of Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, and more, are all part of this lovely group of social interfaces. In this new world of technology, it has never been easier to contact friends and relatives, for free, with the click of a few buttons.

With new social media apps being released all the time, and older apps still being utilised more and more as the years go by, the market is looking pretty healthy. The steady increase of social media users since its inception means that an expected 3.43 billion people are set to take the social media scene by 2023.

5. Blockchain

Blockchain may seem like a pretty complicated idea, to the untrained eye. That said, it’s actually a lot simpler than you might think, when you break it down to its fundamentals.

If we break up the word piece by piece, we see that “block” relates to digital assets, and “chain” relates to the public database. Overall, it’s the idea that a paper-trail is left behind for everything; the history behind a website, and all its alterations over the years, for example, are available for all to see. So, everywhere you go on the internet, your actions are stored.

Ultimately, Blockchain creates a more trustworthy asset, as it is a reliable way of storing data. This makes it very useful in the world of banking, healthcare, and property; any industry that requires the private use of personal data.

6. Cybersecurity

These days, our personal data is everywhere. It wouldn’t take much for a hacker to get into our phones or computers and wreak havoc on our lives. Because of the greater awareness of the dangers the internet poses, users are becoming much more conscious of boosting their security to ensure nothing drastic happens to them.

Even right now, with most people working from home due to COVID-19, the majority of business owners think we are in danger of a cyber-attack, now more than ever. Because of this, and our previous concerns over everyone’s general security, the market is looking to grow by around 100 billion dollars over the next six years.

7. Sustainable Technology

The market for producing sustainable goods has never been higher. With climate emergency advocates, such as Greta Thunberg, going hard to protect our world, it’s really no shock that we’re becoming more and more in tune with it all.

With peoples’ eyes opening up to the importance of making a change, now could be a good time to invest. Some examples of sustainable technology, which could be worth looking into for investment, include:

  • Food waste disposal technology;
  • Solar and wind power;
  • Green homes;
  • Biodegradable materials;
  • Vertical farming;
  • Self-powered buildings;
  • And eco bricks.

8. TV Streaming

Streaming television is swiftly becoming one of the only ways we TV and film lovers are consuming our daily dose of square eyes. People are watching less and less daytime television, and are simply catching up on their favourite programmes on demand. With such an array of programmes now available to us through a small monthly subscription, it’s no surprise.

Yes, video streaming has been around for a relatively long time, as the world of technology goes. That said, the market is still predicted to grow by around 4.1 percent each year, up until the year 2024.

9. Video Calling Software

We’ve seen the impact that the coronavirus has had on certain companies, namely Zoom. In fact, when lockdown hit the world, the market value of Zoom grew to a whopping 42 billion dollars!

With uncertainty surrounding how long we will remain in lockdown, the value of video conference apps cannot be overstated. With work calls, training days, and even teaching classes going on via video chat these days, getting in quick may be a good place to start.

10. The Internet Of Things

In the simplest of terms, the Internet of Things (IoT) can be defined as anything that is connected to the internet. In general, this encompasses many of the interfaces we’ve discussed already, including AI, smart homes, and cybersecurity.

However, the main aspect of the IoT that makes it what it is, is that it encompasses all devices that can communicate to one another through the internet, without the need for human intervention. Sounds pretty creepy, right?

Through this community of devices across the planet, the IoT is able to collect information and data, and analyse it to react accordingly. By sharing data to each other, our devices can create a picture of our ideas, needs, and requirements as humans. This way, people and robots, alike, can take action to provide solutions to these needs.

Looking To Try Out Smart Spending?

As you can see, the vast, wonderful, and sometimes creepy, world of technology isn’t going anywhere any time soon. With technologies, new and old, making changes to keep up with our ever-changing society, investing in technology is a no-brainer.

Have you ever invested in technology yourself, and want to provide word of advice? Or, maybe you’ve decided to invest in tech after reading this article and want some advice? Whatever your situation, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below.